Dr. Daniel Rogstad, MD, PhD joins Evening Rounds to share perspectives on living a balanced life and dispelling misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode Highlights

  • 4:08 – Family's influence
  • 7:44 – The intersection of science and faith
  • 10:22 – The pandemic’s impact on Dr. Rogstad's teaching and the public’s trust of science
  • 12:48 – Current challenges in education, decreasing attention spans
  • 15:20 – COVID-19’s challenges and efforts to address misinformation
  • 20:16 – Taking a break from work with music, Dr Rogstad's new album about trusting God during difficult times
  • 22:47 – Honeymoon tick bite and interest in infectious disease
  • 29:48 – Dr. Rogstad’s educational path, DNA damage and repair, and a disease that causes sensitivity to sunlight
  • 35:25 – Time invested in education and the importance of clinical work as an educator

Meet Our People

Dr. Daniel Rogstad


Dr. Daniel Rogstad, MD, PhD is a true physician scientist. Passionate about providing education to students as well as the community, he has taken on an integral role of dispelling myths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Rogstad is an expert in his field both clinically and academically, with a focus on understanding the hierarchies of evidence we see both in medicine and the world. As a man of strong faith, Dr. Rogstad has reconciled his beliefs in medicine and religion, encouraging those around him to find multiple perspectives to view the world around us. His passion for infectious disease stems from firsthand experience, enabling him to connect with others when sharing his knowledge. Dr. Rogstad is an accomplished musician, has produced multiple albums, and has played in orchestras around the world.

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