Dr. Ricardo Peverini discusses leadership skills, the hospital’s smallest babies, and the impact of moving from Argentina to LA.

Episode Highlights

  • 4:07 – Pioneering information systems at LLU
  • 7:00 – Working on the tiniest humans
  • 10:19 – When reality does not match expectations
  • 18:36 – The potential of 86 beds
  • 21:36 – Integrating into life in America
  • 26:01 – Passion for mathematics and Legos

Meet Our People

Ricardo Peverini, MD

President of LLUFMG

Dr. Ricardo Peverini, president of the Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group, spent his early years in Argentina before moving to Los Angeles while still in grade school. The challenges he faced, including learning a new language, were matched by a kindness shown to him by mentors who appeared during those early years. These experiences undoubtedly left a mark on both his compassion for young people with health problems and his leadership in advancing modern health care. He has long been fascinated by the world of mathematics and regularly enjoys putting together complex Lego sets with his boys. His interest in analytical problem solving led him to dabble with concepts that eventually became vital information systems. His years as both a leader within the Faculty Medical Group, and as a practicing neonatologist, provide a valuable perspective on empathy, communication, and teamwork.

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