Dr. Kyle Cooper shares his secrets to overcoming hurdles as a physician and cyclist, and how a traumatic bike crash isn't slowing him down.

Episode Highlights

  • 5:20 – Mistakes and adjustments getting into medical school
  • 12:42 – Weight loss journey
  • 15:50 – Managing a McDonald’s restaurant
  • 17:44 – A near-fatal bike crash

Meet Our People

Kyle Cooper, MD

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Kyle Cooper is an interventional radiologist at Loma Linda University Health and a professional cyclist in Redlands, California. In August of 2022, Cooper suffered traumatic facial injuries in a bike crash and was rushed to the care of his trauma team colleagues at LLUMC. Grateful to be alive and looking like himself again, thanks to the facial reconstructive surgical team at LLUH, he was back on his bike eight days later. Growing up in rural Michigan, Cooper set the goal of becoming a doctor and worked at McDonald’s in high school and college to pay for expenses. After faltering in his first interview at a prestigious medical school, Cooper realized he needed strategy as well as drive to achieve his goals. He has been a longtime fan of digital health tracking as a complement to cycling ever since he used it to lose nearly 100 pounds as an intern. Since the accident, Cooper has focused on gratitude and cycling as his recovery strategy.

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