Dr. Nephtali Gomez joins Evening Rounds to speak about the impact of mentorship in his life and combining adventure with a life of service.

Episode Highlights

  • 1:02 – From academic failure to medical school
  • 4:55 – The importance of mentorship and advocacy
  • 11:50 – The inspiration of Indiana Jones and pursuing a life of service
  • 19:48 – A surgeon both at home and at the hospital
  • 30:14 – Recharging at home in the garden
  • 33:41 – Evening Rounds and how we use our time

Meet Our People

Nephtali Gomez, MD

Practicing Surgeon

Dr. Nephtali Gomez is a practicing surgeon at Loma Linda University Health. Growing up on a rural farm in Mexico has given Dr. Gomez a unique perspective on his career, influencing him to advocate for students who may not have access to support on their journey into medicine. As the first in his family to graduate high school and pursue higher education, it took a while for him to find ways to advocate for what he needed to succeed. Today he advocates on behalf of students, looking holistically at factors that may be influencing their success in training. A fan of Indiana Jones, Dr. Gomez wanted to pursue a life and career that was exciting but could also make a difference in the lives of others. He found his calling with medicine, whether it be helping to mentor the next generation of professionals or traveling the world on medical missions providing care to those who need it most. Dr. Gomez is passionate about using his life experiences and skill sets to help others.

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