Dr. Hilliard and Kelsey Culler are joined by Dr. Richard Hart, President of Loma Linda University Health. Passionate about farming, his llamas, koi ponds and underserved community care, Dr. Hart explores how his cumulative experiences shape the vision for the organization.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:40 – Who you are is more important that what you know
  • 7:10 – Starting Social Action Community Health System (SACHS) 
  • 12:40 – Finding balance among competing responsibilities
  • 18:40 – Understanding the importance of risk tolerance
  • 27:30 – Surviving a rattlesnake bite

Featured Guest

Richard Hart, MD, DrPH

President & CEO, Loma Linda University Health

As president, Dr. Hart oversees eight schools and six hospitals, as well as collaborative and consulting relationships with organizations worldwide. His passion for public health and mission work is a driving force behind the organization's pioneering care for the underserved, both locally and internationally. Dr. Hart is not afraid to take risks or put himself in uncharted territory — even if that means battling a rattlesnake.

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