Our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs provide psychiatric and dual diagnosis treatment, while allowing you to return home in the evening.

What outpatient mental health programs do you have for adults?

We have a variety of programs for patients depending on their individual needs. All programs have a strong emphasis on group therapy, spiritual care, anger and stress management.

Anxiety and Depression

The Discovery/Insight program helps restructure thinking and behavior, letting you learn new coping skills.  Program components include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy with individual and group counseling
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy to help you develop new coping skills
  • Mental health education

Dual Diagnosis

The Serenity program is a 12-step based program for patients who have both a mental illness and an alcohol or drug addiction.

We will work with you on the path to healing using different treatment techniques including:

  • Substance use education
  • Relapse prevention
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy with individual and group counseling

Mood and Self-Harm Stabilization

The Innovations program (specifically for women) and Courage program (specifically for men) help patients learn effective ways of dealing with depression, anxiety and dysfunctional coping behaviors. Our approach with both programs teaches mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

Our program includes:

  • Mental health education
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Coping skills

Focus Program

Within a structured and supportive environment, our patients are provided with education about their illness, medications and signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness.  We work with our patients to develop coping skills through different treatment paths, including individual and group counseling.

Eating Disorders

Our program helps re-establish a healthy relationship with food for adults who are struggling with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.  We provide nutritional education and support in a safe and healing environment.

Core components of our program include:

  • Eating disorder education
  • Body image counseling
  • Expressive therapy (art, music, writing)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (individual and group counseling)

MEND Program for Medically Complex Adults

Supports patients and their families in maintaining or regaining emotional health and balance during the process of a significant medical illness or treatment. This includes transplantation, diabetes management or chemotherapy.

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Electroconvulsive Therapy

We offer electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in inpatient and outpatient settings. ECT is a safe and effective medical treatment for certain psychiatric disorders.  These include refractory depression, bipolar, mania, forms of schizophrenia, and other mental, medical and neurological disorders.

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