Skin cancer prevention begins in childhood and your risk is often based on the ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure you had in your lifetime. Although skin cancer is most commonly found in individuals with fair skin, individuals with medium to dark skin are still at risk. Skin cancers for individuals with medium to dark skin are often not detected as early because of the misconception that they are not at risk. 

Our team of experts carefully monitors potential skin cancers by performing a skin exam. We prioritize early detection and offer a wide variety of skin cancer treatments. 

Why Choose Us for Skin Cancer Care

  • Multidisciplinary team. Your skin cancer team consists of dermatologists, oncologists, pathologists, nurses and nurse navigators who guide you through every step of your treatment plan.
  • Customized treatment plan. You’ll receive a customized treatment plan based on your unique case and priorities.
  • Specialized care. Our fellowship-trained physicians offer the most advanced treatment options available for skin cancer. 

Conditions We Treat

We treat all types of skin cancers. The most well-known skin cancers are:

  • Basal cell carcinoma, which resembles scars, pimples or irritated patches of skin that don’t heal. This is the most common type of skin cancer.
  • Squamous cell carcinoma, characterized by scars, skin sores or other skin injuries that don’t seem to heal in areas that have been exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation (usually sunlight). This is the second most common type of skin cancer.
  • Melanoma, which usually looks like a new, abnormal growth or a change of an existing mole. This is the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

What to Expect 

Your First Visit

We recommend a head-to-toe skin check during your first visit. This is important because, aside from genetic factors, people can still develop skin cancers in areas that may not have had much sun exposure. We also provide counseling on sunscreen usage and other ways to mitigate skin cancer risk.

If there are any spots of concern, our team will perform a biopsy. During the procedure, we take a small tissue sample from the area of concern to be examined by our pathology team for diagnosis.


Fortunately, the majority of skin cancers are detected early and treatment usually consists of a simple procedure that takes just a few minutes. 

For skin cancers on the head and neck area, we perform a skin sparing technique called Mohs surgery. During this procedure, thin layers of skin are removed until there's no trace of cancerous cells. Our physicians are fellowship-trained in Mohs surgery to provide you the best results for your health and appearance.

For more advanced cases, our team of experts will develop a unique treatment plan for your needs. If you have a compromised immune system, we work to reduce your risk of infection and other related issues. 

Follow-up Care

We'll provide you with a follow-up treatment plan that consists of regular skin checks and recommendations for the prevention or early detection of any future skin cancers.

Take the Next Step

Don't wait to get any unusual feature on your skin checked. If you’d like to schedule a head-to-toe skin exam, please call 909-558-2890.