Our Cancer Center is more than an advanced cancer treatment and research facility. We are a team of experts dedicated to finding the precise course of cancer treatment for your best possible outcome.

Our center offers a multidisciplinary approach to treatment that combines the highest level of expertise and empathy for your care experience.

Why Choose Us

  • Customized treatment designed by experts: Our Cancer Center offers nearly a dozen different treatment planning conferences that bring together panels of specialists to collaborate on how best to treat your specific cancer.
  • Disease-centric approach: Instead of planning a course of action based on previous treatments, our Cancer Center outlines your care plan using a systematic approach. This means we make treatment plans specific to each cancer type, centralizing patient-provider communication and easing your care experience.
  • Advanced therapies and procedures: As an academic medical center at the forefront of innovative cancer research, we offer an array of advanced procedures and therapies not available anywhere else in the region, including proton therapy and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).
  • Whole person care and support: We provide whole person care that focuses on your mind, body, and spiritual health. Your support team includes a nurse navigator/scheduler, a pharmacist, a counselor, and a nutritionist who all specialize in caring for patients with cancer.

Cancer Treatments

Our expert team works together to determine the best course of treatment for each individual patient. Your plan could include one or more of the following procedures: 

  • Surgical oncology: Using surgery to remove cancerous tumors from the body. Learn more.
  • Radiation oncology: Using energy waves or particles to diminish or remove cancer from the body. Learn more.
  • Medical oncology: Using chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, cellular therapy, and molecular therapy to reduce or remove cancer from the body. Learn more
  • Interventional radiology: Imaging to help see inside the body during procedures, such as biopsies and embolizations. Learn more.
  • Theranostics: Using radioactive drugs to both diagnose and treat cancerous tumors inside the body. Learn more.

Expert Training Means Expert Care

The Loma Linda University Cancer Center is home to one of only a few dozen surgical oncology training programs in the United States, as well as several other cancer and palliative care training programs. As an academic medical center, our environment enhances patient care by increasing the number of procedures and treatments available, led by experts accustomed to complex care.

Trailblazing Treatments

We prioritize the best possible outcome for you by creating personalized treatment plans. We offer several advanced treatments, including:

  • Proton therapy treatment: Proton therapy, or proton radiation therapy, is the most precise and advanced form of radiation beam therapy available. Our proton therapy center was the first hospital-based treatment center in the world and has been offering unsurpassed proton therapy expertise for over 20 years.
  • Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC): HIPEC targets abdominal cancers in a single, two-step treatment instead of the standard weeks or months of chemotherapy. First, the abdominal cancer is surgically removed and then targeted chemotherapy treats the remaining tissue to ensure the cancer is removed entirely.

Symptom Management Team

Our multidisciplinary symptom management team helps maintain your quality of life while you undergo cancer treatments. Our palliative care specialists are integrated into each tumor board to ensure you have streamlined access to care resources.

Take the Next Step

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you want treatment from an expert team you can trust. You may be referred to the Loma Linda University Cancer Center by your primary care physician or an emergency department. For more information, please call 1-800-78-CANCER (800-782-2623).

Cancer Programs
Our dedicated oncology team works together to prioritize the best outcome for you and create a customized treatment plan across the spectrum of cancer types.

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