Medical oncology, such as chemotherapy, may be the only treatment you will undergo as part of your care plan. It can also be combined with radiation and/or surgery to ensure the cancer is completely eliminated.

Our team prioritizes your comfort and quality of life to ensure you receive expert cancer care. While you undergo medical oncology therapy, you have access to a variety of experts, including a nurse navigator to help schedule your treatment plan and a pharmacist to educate and explain any medications required to relieve side effects.

Why Choose Us

  • Collaborative approach to care: Our oncologists work in tumor boards alongside all the experts you need to determine your individualized course of treatment.
  • Research-backed treatments: As a large academic medical center, we offer access to a range of specialists with expertise in complex cancer care and the most advanced treatments available. 
  • Whole person care and support: We provide whole person care that focuses on your mind, body, and spiritual health.

Medical Oncology Treatments

Medical oncology offers a variety of treatments, including:

  • Chemotherapy, which uses medicines to destroy cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy, where medications stimulate the body’s immune system to recognize and fight cancer.
  • Molecular therapy, which uses drugs to target molecules unique to a tumor.
  • Hormone therapy, where specific hormones are reduced or blocked to prevent cancer growth.
  • Cellular therapy, which uses your own cells or a donor’s cells (such as stem cell transplant) to cure cancer.

At Your Side through Chemo Side Effects

The side effects of chemotherapy are a common and understandable concern. Your treatment plan includes mental and medicinal support to ease your journey. Our oncologists meet with you between every round of chemotherapy to check in on your progress and level of comfort. We use the latest treatments and medications to help reduce any discomfort and pain you experience.

Take the Next Step

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you want treatment from an expert team you can trust. You may be referred to the Loma Linda University Cancer Center by your primary care physician or an emergency department. For more information, please call 1-800-78-CANCER (800-782-2623).

Cancer Programs
Our dedicated oncology team works together to prioritize the best outcome for you and create a customized treatment plan across the spectrum of cancer types.

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