Our pancreas transplant surgeons performed more transplants in 2017 than any other year in our history. We specialize in solitary pancreas transplantation, combined kidney-pancreas transplantation, pancreas after kidney transplantation and pancreas surgery.

Successful pancreas or kidney-pancreas transplant recipients often return to living a normal lifestyle, free from insulin injections, dialysis and other diabetic complications. As a result, these patients can enjoy a more normal quality of life, greater activity and independence.

We also perform pancreas surgeries for patients who qualify. Successful pancreas surgery patients may be able to avoid a pancreas transplant.

Why Choose Us for Pancreas Transplant and Surgery

  • Long-standing tradition of excellence: Our world-class pancreas transplant and surgery team has a 50-year legacy of innovative organ transplantation. We have performed more than 200 kidney-pancreas transplants.
  • Convenient locations for ongoing support: We proudly serve southern California and beyond with a satellite liver clinic in Las Vegas. We offer active, ongoing support groups for transplant recipients and their families.
  • Expert, multidisciplinary team: All transplant physicians have extensive transplant experience and are board-certified. A multidisciplinary team reviews each case for transplant suitability.  
  • Comprehensive, whole-person care: We use a coordinated team approach, including doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, and immunology specialists. Our whole-person care focuses on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We offer spiritual care and counseling services for our patients and families.
  • Pancreatic and kidney disease specialists: We offer the latest treatments for diseases affecting the pancreas and kidneys, including systemic chemotherapy, proton beam therapy, combined modality therapy, endoscopic ultrasound, and immunosuppressant drugs.