Our heart transplant history traces back to 1984 when newborn Baby Fae received the heart of a baboon and lived for 20 days. Since then, Loma Linda University Health has grown into the internationally recognized leader in infant heart transplantation. We provide heart transplantation for high-risk infants, pediatrics and adult patients with final stage heart disease.

Why Choose Us for Heart Transplant

  • Long-standing tradition of excellence: Our world-class heart transplant team has a 50-year legacy of innovative organ transplantation, including pioneering infant heart transplantation. We have the world’s largest experience in infant heart transplants.
  • Convenient locations for ongoing support: We proudly serve southern California and beyond with satellite clinics in Las Vegas and the Coachella Valley. We offer active, ongoing support groups for transplant recipients and their families, as well as a full-service program with heart failure management.
  • Expert, multidisciplinary team: All transplant physicians have extensive transplant experience and are board-certified. A multidisciplinary team reviews each case for transplant suitability.
  • Comprehensive, whole-person care: We use a coordinated team approach, including doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, and immunology specialists. Our whole-person care focuses on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We offer spiritual care and counseling services for our patients and families.
“I was part of the LLU campus but on the caregiver side when I became sick. I’m eternally grateful to my donor and his family for the kind and selfless act they did in such difficult time on their lives. The heart transplant team has earned my unwavering trust as they quickly intervened when I needed specialized medical care.”