More Online Appointments Available

To help reduce the potential spread of coronavirus, we're making more appointments available online. Learn how to use video visits to see your doctor using your mobile phone or tablet.

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Use the waitlist to get notified of earlier appointments by push notification, email, or text.

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Online check-in

Check-in before you arrive for your appointment so you save time once you arrive.

Communicate with your provider

Send secure messages and photos to your provider relating to your care.

Manage & schedule appointments

Request appointments and look up information on previous visits. Online scheduling is available for our primary care providers.

Prescription Refills

Request refills for your medication at the Loma Linda University Health Pharmacy location that is convenient for you.

Online bill pay

View your statements and make payments online for professional fees.

Test results

View most test results within days (excluding sensitive labs).

Getting Started is Easy

You need a secure activation code to create your MyChart account. To get this code, call 877-558-0090 or check your after-visit summary provided at the end of your provider appointment.

Download instructions to access your MyChart account.

Accessing Your Child’s MyChart Account

Birth Through Age 11

Any Loma Linda University Children’s Health clinic or Health Information Management office can assign a parent proxy access* to their child’s MyChart account. If the parent is not a Loma Linda University Health patient, a new MyChart account for the parent will be created. If the parent is a patient, the child’s account will be accessible from the parent’s MyChart account. Evidence of parenthood or legal guardianship will be required prior to having the accounts linked.   

Ages 12 Through 17

On the child’s 12th birthday, parent proxy access is terminated. In order for the parent to regain access to their child’s MyChart account, the child must sign the My LLU Health Designated Proxy Access Form for Adolescents. This form is obtained through the child’s healthcare provider or Health Information Management office and must be signed in person. The signed form will stay in effect until the child turns 18 or is revoked by the child (whichever comes first). 

18 Years Old

When the patient turns 18 years old, parent proxy access is once more terminated. In cases where a parent, legal guardian or caregiver must retain access, the patient must sign a My LLU Health Designated Proxy Access Form for Adults. This form is obtained through the patient’s healthcare provider or Health Information Management office and must be signed in person. Special circumstances involving incapacitated patients will be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis by the Health Information Management department.

*Proxy access: Permission allowing an authorized person to access the patient's medical information available in the MyChart Portal (normally a parent, legal guardian or caregiver).