It’s important for both parents and teens to understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to accessing information on MyChart. MyChart provides teens with full access to their own electronic health records (EHR). Teens may also appoint parents or legal guardians as their proxy, granting access to certain information on their account. There are two levels of proxy access teens can choose from: standard and full.

On this page, you’ll find answers to the following:

  • Who can access health information for children up to 11 years old?
  • Who can access health information for teens from 12 to 17 years old?
  • What information can be viewed with standard or full proxy access?
  • How can access be granted or revoked?
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New MyChart Access Options

Recent changes give teens and parents more options on MyChart. Teens can now access more health information and grant parents or legal guardians two levels of proxy access.
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Parents: Accessing Your Child’s MyChart Account

Birth Through Age 11

Parents are granted full proxy access to their child’s MyChart from birth through age 11. With full proxy access, your child’s MyChart account and health information is fully accessible from your MyChart account.

The Health Information Management office or any clinic can grant you proxy access. Evidence of parenthood or legal guardianship will be required prior to having the accounts linked. If you’re not a Loma Linda University Health patient, we’ll first need to create a new MyChart account.

Ages 12 Through 17

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, parents or legal guardians of teens (12-17) will be granted temporary and standard proxy access for video visit purposes only. This proxy access is terminated once the video visit is complete.

On a patient’s 12th birthday, parent and legal guardian proxy access is revoked automatically. In accordance with California state law, healthcare providers must prevent access to certain information contained in the teen’s records. This is a permanent change unless your teen grants you proxy access by written authorization.

Your teen can grant you access by signing the “My LLU Health Designated Proxy Access Form for Adolescents.” This form is available from your teen’s healthcare provider or the Health Information Management office and must be signed in person at the clinic. By default, the form grants a parent or legal guardian standard proxy access, which provides a restricted view of their health information (see chart below). Full proxy access is only granted upon your teen’s specific request to us with clearance from their physician.

Proxy access will stay in effect until your teen turns 18 or revokes access (whichever comes first). At any time, teens can revoke proxy access on their own using MyChart: under “Profile,” select “Personalize” to remove proxies. 

Ages 18 and Up

On a patient’s 18th birthday, any remaining proxy access to their MyChart is revoked automatically. Patients that would like to continue allowing proxy access to their MyChart account must sign the “My LLU Health Designated Proxy Access Form for Adults” in person. This form is available from the patient’s healthcare provider or the Health Information Management office. Special circumstances involving incapacitated patients will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Teens: Granting Proxy Access to Your MyChart

Proxy access allows your parent or legal guardian to view your health information on MyChart. To protect your right to privacy for certain information, proxy access is only available with your permission. You can grant access to a parent or legal guardian by signing the “My LLU Health Designated Proxy Access Form for Adolescents” in person at the clinic. By default, this form grants standard proxy access, restricting access to certain health information (see chart below).

In some cases, you may want to speak with your care team to grant a parent or legal guardian full proxy access. Full proxy access provides unrestricted access to your health information on MyChart.

Access can be revoked at any time using MyChart: under “Profile,” select “Personalize” to remove proxies.

MyChart Access Types

Features Patient
proxy access
proxy access
Secure messaging care team
Request an appointment
View upcoming appointments
View past appointments
Cancel appointment
Clinical visit note and after visit summaries  
Review problem list  
View medications  
Request medication refill  
Review allergies, immunizations, and growth charts Only immunizations and growth charts
View labs and test results  
Health reminders

Frequently Asked Questions

As a teen, what rights do I have to health information?

In California, confidentiality laws allow teens to limit the sharing of certain health information to a parent or legal guardian without prior authorization. This means you can consent to and obtain some health services or discuss certain information with your provider without notifying your parents or guardians. The medical care team cannot share sensitive information with parents or legal guardians without first obtaining your written authorization. Sensitive information includes:

  • Family planning, contraception, pregnancy and abortion
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and some other infectious diseases
  • Some cases regarding rape or sexual assault, mental health treatment or treatment for substance abuse

Why do teens and parents or guardians have different access to health information on MyChart?

Different access views safeguard health information protected by California confidentiality laws.  Teens can consent to receiving certain treatments on their own — proxy access provides parents or legal guardians a more limited view of this health information. Though we encourage teens to discuss all issues with their parents, their privacy and rights must be taken into consideration. For this reason, and in accordance with California state law, parents and legal guardians have limited access to teens’ health information by default.

How do I give my parent or legal guardian more access to my health information on MyChart?

When you sign the “My LLU Health Designated Proxy Access Form,” you grant standard proxy access to your parent or guardian. Standard proxy access is a restricted view of your health information (see chart above). 

Full proxy access provides your parent or legal guardian the same access you have to your health information. If you want to grant full proxy access, your care team must help you in person. During a medical visit, you can ask your provider or care team about granting full proxy access to your parent or legal guardian. 

How do I revoke parent or legal guardian access to MyChart?

You can revoke any proxy access at any time from your MyChart account. Select “Your Menu”, under the “Personalize” section, you will see an option to remove access for any proxies assigned access to your MyChart account.

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Can my foster parent access my record in MyChart?

No, proxy access cannot be granted in cases of temporary custody. In cases of guardianship (which is different than foster parents’ status), documentation demonstrating the length of guardianship must be submitted to the Health Information Management office for review.

When I turn 18, what happens to my parent’s or legal guardian’s access?

On your 18th birthday, any proxy access granted to parents or legal guardians is automatically revoked. The parent or legal guardian can no longer access your personal health information on MyChart. However, adult patients (18 years or older) can grant proxy access to other adults. Ask your physician or care team for more information about parent or legal guardian proxy access for adult patients.

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