We know insurance can be a complicated and stressful topic, especially on top of navigating your health concerns. Below, you’ll find information on the types of coverage we accept, along with a list of specific insurance providers.

Our hospitals and healthcare providers accept many major health insurance plans. The information on this page is intended to provide as much clarity as possible about the insurance plans we accept. Please understand that plans, their benefits, and the specific services they cover can change, so it’s important to confirm coverage directly with your insurance provider. Coverage for your care at Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) is determined by your insurance company and is based on the provisions of your specific plan.

Before You Come in for Care

Before coming in for care, review the following items to make sure you’re covered:

  • Review your coverage as the list of health plans below may not be comprehensive and could change. Check your coverage by contacting either:
    • Your benefits coordinator with your employer (if applicable)
    • Your health insurance company
    • Your referring Physician (if applicable)
  • Confirm if LLUH is a contracted provider within your health insurance network.  Your health insurance plan or insurer may only sign contracts with certain doctors and hospitals.  You must stay in this “network” or risk having your health insurance plan or insurer decline coverage.
  • If you’ve been referred for specialty care, confirm the request for authorization has been approved by your insurance provider.
  • Review the out-of-pocket costs associated with your visit.

If you have questions about the services or providers covered, contact your insurance provider for the most up-to-date information. If you do not follow your health plan’s terms, the health insurance may not cover your care. For example, your health insurance may require you to request an authorization prior to receiving certain services. If this authorization is not obtained, then your health plan may not cover the services.

Insurance Plans We Accept

We accept a wide range of health insurance plans to help you get the care you need. Here’s a snapshot of the health insurance plans accepted at LLUH.

Government Health Insurance Programs:

Private Health Insurances:

*Not accepted at Loma Linda University Medical Center Murrieta