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Choose a heart healthy future

Heart disease isn’t some vague threat, far off in the future. For most people, heart disease is caused by our daily lifestyle choices. When we make better choices, though, we can prevent 4 out of every 5 cases of heart disease.

This month, we’re spreading awareness: making the choice to get a heart health consultation can save your life. A consultation is the only way to identify your personal risk factors, detect major issues and make an effective plan for your health before it’s too late. With regular consultations, your doctor can support you on your journey to heart healthy choices.

1 in 4 Deaths in the U.S. Heart disease kills more people than any other condition

80% Preventable Together, we can prevent most cardiovascular disease

Changes We Can Make Obesity, diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol use

3 Serious Risk Factors High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and smoking

Women at Risk Women may be misdiagnosed or may not have symptoms

Regular Consultations The most effective tool for heart disease prevention

Heart Health Tips From the Experts

Our doctors aren't satisfied just waiting to give you a consultation, so they're reaching out with these important heart health tips. Learn what you can do right now to fight heart disease.

“I feel like I am back in the game fighting again. I no longer feel defeated and feel like I can continue on my road to health. I feel like I have a chance for more time.”