Live It

A cooking show that inspires healthy, wholesome home cooking. In less than a minute, each episode demonstrates quick and easy meals to keep your family satisfied.


Our Favorite Falafel

A traditional Middle Eastern dish, these tasty falafels go great with pita bread, hummus, or on a bed of greens. Add additional herbs and spices to make your own favorite variety.

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White Bean Chili

The best chilies, like this one, are loaded with flavor and require nothing more than a slice of corn bread as a side.

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Nut and Seed Granola

This granola can be a hearty breakfast or flavorful snack to get you through the afternoon. It will make your taste buds sing!

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Best Bean Burger

Moooove over beef! These black bean burgers pack a powerfully tasty protein punch, without all that pesky saturated fat.

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Thai Curry Soup

Sweet, savory and delicious. This Thai curry soup is uniquely flavor filled and will keep you coming back for more.

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Avocado Fettuccini

With its rich and flavorful nutty undertones, avocados provide the perfect backdrop to this twist on traditional Alfredo sauce.

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Salads are refreshing when it’s hot outside, but salads get boring. Mix it up! This cold middle eastern salad is a hit.

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