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Nutrition and Cancer

Our nutrition team is here to help you eat healthier and support you on the road to recovery. Join us for an exciting cooking experience with our bi-monthly Cancer Fighting Foods Cooking Demonstrations. Call 1-877-558-6248 to register.

Learn how to prepare foods that help to reduce cancer risk, heart disease, inflammation and more from our expert chefs and dieticians.

Taste delicious and healthy plant-based foods.

Enjoy  wonderful recipes during this interactive experience!

Nutritional services are provided by our registered dietitian:

  • Nutrition assessment (scheduled 60 min. appt.)
  • Nutrition check-up (15 min. appt. for help with eating challenges or general nutrition questions)
  • Nutrition Talk is held the second Thursday of each month from noon until 1:00 p.m. in the Cancer Center's Medical Oncology conference room - SP-A600.
  • Healthy hints for weight loss

Diet and cancer information and resources:

  • Top 10 strategies to lower your risk
  • Cancer Fighting Foods
  • “Food on the Brain” or “Food 4 Thought”(healthy eating behavior)
  • Rainbow Phytochemicals
  • “Miracle” foods, supplements and controversies – “Buyer Beware”
  • Exercise is not cruel and unusual punishment!
  • Food and the Bible
  • Holiday survival with cancer
  • Weight loss: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”
  • Links to websites: ACS, NCI, AICR 
  • Resources

Social work and psychology

Social workers

Social workers understand the patient and family stresses that result from treatment. They work confidentially with you, your family and children to provide counseling and social support. Social workers also provide information about community resources.

Appointments range from 20 minute to one hour. During your appointment, you will sit with either a clinical social worker or a social worker intern. These professionals provide counseling for a variety of issues. 

To schedule an appointment ask your doctor, nurse or call 1-800-78-CANCER (1-800-782-2623).


Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy Interns are available to help you identify and manage psychological issues related to cancer and treatment. They are a great resource for facilitating communication between family members, significant others and/or members of the treatment team. They are also here as a mental and emotional support system and part of your healing process.

Appointments can last up to one hour. During your appointment, you will sit with a psychology intern who will gather information and identify areas where coping skills such as enhanced communication, guided imagery and problem solving can be used to help manage any emotional distress you may encounter while undergoing treatment.

To schedule an appointment ask your doctor, nurse or call 1-800-78-CANCER (1-800-782-2623).

Managing your symptoms

Pain and palliative care

The symptom management clinic is available to you, if you experience physical symptoms such as pain, nausea and vomiting and shortness of breath as well as any other troubling symptoms.

The symptom management clinic is staffed by a Palliative Medicine Physician that specializes in symptom control. Treating physical symptoms aggressively can help relieve suffering and improve quality of life.

If you feel you may need an appointment with a Palliative Medicine Physician, please call the Cancer Center at 1-800-78-CANCER (1-800-782-2623) or 909-558-CANCER (909-558-2262).


LLUCC has an on-site pharmacy specializing in cancer care. It is staffed with specialized oncology pharmacists who have considerable experience and knowledge in chemotherapy and other drugs that help optimize your care. These pharmacists work to safely compound and dispense medication, including chemotherapy, used in the Cancer Center. They work closely with your oncology physician and other members of the team to develop the best treatment plan for your particular diagnosis.  Additionally, you can speak to our pharmacists regarding your medications.  They provide chemotherapy education as well as important instructions on how to take supportive medications.  They are a great resource for answers to your questions about treatment and treatment-related side effects.

Other responsibilities of the pharmacy team:

  • Develop new treatment protocols
  • Process patient refill requests
  • Monitor patient therapies for safety and efficacy
  • Precept students and residents
  • Review newly-approved medications
  • Educate staff

Call Center

Our Cancer Call Center staff are friendly and compassionate. As expert customer service representatives, they can provide you with educational materials, information and referrals for anything related to cancer care at Loma Linda University Medical Center. They are available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to answer any questions and address any of your concerns.

Call us at 1-800-78-CANCER (1-800-782-2623) or 909-558-2262.

We aim to:

  • Reduce caller wait times
  • Improve patient satisfaction with the scheduling process
  • Provide customers with information, directions and marketing information