Guiding you through your journey to good health and recovery

Patient navigators are registered nurses trained in oncology care who guide and support you through the challenges of dealing with cancer. Our navigators are available to guide patients through the health care system while providing education, support and advocacy.

Patient navigator specialities

  • Developing population specific and culturally appropriate plans of care to educate patients and families about their individual cancer diagnosis, possible clinical trials and personalized treatment
  • Supporting and navigating patients through the treatment process by reinforcing education and facilitating communication between health care providers
  • Identifying and addressing any barriers to treatment
  • Participating in weekly cancer conferences as a patient advocate with a diverse group of health professionals to assist in developing a treatment plan for newly diagnosed cancer patients
  • Coordinating support groups and related programs/classes
  • Referring patients to national organizations as well as appropriate resources within individual communities
  • Supporting the survivorship clinic which coordinates follow-up care when cancer treatment is completed
  • Teaching cancer prevention and acting as community ambassadors

Knowledge is important for making well-informed decisions. Navigators provide the necessary support to enable our patients to find their strength and lead them to healing. Patient navigators are available to provide continuous guidance throughout the entire course of treatment.