Our orthotics and prosthetics team bring many years of design and fabrication experience to find the perfect fit if you need an orthotic or prosthetic device. Our services include cranial remolding helmets and post-mastectomy prosthetics.

We also provide “bionic” technologies such as C-Leg, Rheo knee, Proprio Foot, myoelectric prostheses, and Functional electrical stimulation (FES) myo-orthotic devices such as the WalkAid.

Why Choose Us for Orthotics and Prosthetics

  • Leading-edge treatment options: Our academic researchers are constantly innovating new technologies in orthotics and prosthetics.
  • Quick, expert turnaround for new devices or device updates: Our Orthotics and Prosthetics team custom designs, fabricates, and fits a full spectrum of devices, such as braces and prosthetic limbs. Our fabrication lab is on-site, so our team can quickly and easily make device adjustments.
  • Customized treatment plans: We tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs – treating not only loss of function, but also offering continuous evaluation throughout your recovery and adjustment to life using a device. We custom-fit the most appropriate devices for patients of all ages with your comfort and success as a priority.

Cranial Remolding Helmet

Our cranial remolding helmets help reshape your child's head due to deformational plagiocephaly or torticollis. We have developed and fabricated an FDA approved cranial remolding helmet solution to gently correct the shape of your baby’s skull over time.


Our highly skilled professionals design, make and fit the most appropriate orthotics device for you.


Our prosthetists are highly skilled professionals who design, make and fit prosthetic devices. We encourage periodic visits to adjust the fit and alignment to make your new device more comfortable. Your device is personalized and can be customized with colors and patterns of your preference.