Medical Records Contact Listing

If you are calling from an outside line, use the full number (909) 651-4191 followed by the extension.

Administrative Contacts

Name Title Extension
Brenda Taylor, RHIA, CCS
Executive Director 14101
Maria Ruiz
Administrative Secretary 14116
Carel Randolph, RHIA
Director Coding & Health Data Management 14118
Deborah Critchfield, MHIS, RHIA
Director of Operations, LLUMC 14117
Kimberly Jones, MHIS, RHIA
Director of HIM Informatics 14108

Supervisor Contacts

Name Title Extension
Ruth Marrero
Manager Release of Information & Vital Statistics 14103
Valerie Vetrone
Manager Document Capture 58223
Denise Lee
Enterprise Person Index, Document Procurement & Chart Completion 58241
Manuel Mendoza
Manager Document Capture 53029
Kim Millage
Manager Release of Information 53009
Manisha Hooks
Manager Coding 14151