We understand this is a very difficult time for you and your family. We hope to alleviate some of your anxiety by providing our financial information up front. Please feel free to contact our financial coordinator at internationalservices@llu.edu to ask any additional questions that may not be covered here.

Payment in Advance

Full payment is required before any medical service can be provided. The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Wire transfers
  • Most major credit cards
  • Travelers checks
  • Cash

Financial Acceptance

If, upon review of your medical records, you are medically accepted for consultation and possible treatment, our financial coordinator will send a financial letter of agreement (LOA). The LOA will outline the treatment package case rate and/or deposit amount that must be paid before medical appointments are scheduled and further arrangements confirmed.

Treatment Package Case Rate

Treatment package case rates are available for certain procedures. This rate includes all hospital and physician charges associated with a given proposed treatment plan at a discounted rate. The rate is specific to each patient and his or her physician-approved proposed treatment plan. Any additional services outside of the defined treatment package case rate must be paid at time of service. If, after you arrive, it is discovered the proposed treatment plan is not appropriate, a new treatment plan and financial letter of agreement will be initiated.

Treatment Deposit

If there is not sufficient clinical information to identify a specific proposed treatment plan before your arrival, or the proposed treatment plan does not qualify for a treatment package case rate, a preliminary treatment deposit must be paid before any services will be provided. The treatment deposit is an estimate of hospital and physician services based on your diagnosis and proposed medical treatment. During your course of treatment, additional deposits will be required if your charges significantly exceed our estimates.

Billing Statements

Final billing statements are issued within approximately 30 days to a patient account. Therefore, upon completion of treatment, an estimate of total charges will be prepared based upon the billing information available at that time. A final billing statement that includes all hospital and physician charges will be available 45 to 60 days after completion of treatment. Because all charges may not be posted by the time treatment is completed, the estimate and final billing statements may vary.

International Insurance

Please notify our financial coordinator if you are covered by an international insurance program or government health-care program that will authorize and pay for your out-of-country care.

However, if you participate in a medical insurance program that is not contracted with Loma Linda University Medical Center and Loma Linda University Health Care you must provide full payment before medical services can be provided.

Non-Covered Services

Services rendered outside of Loma Linda University Medical Center and Loma Linda University Health Care are not included in our treatment package case rates or treatment deposits. You will be financially responsible for these services. Should you require or seek services outside of Loma Linda University Medical Center or Loma Linda University Health Care, payment must be made to that provider at the time of service.