Goals & Objectives

Practice-based Learning Competency

  • Participate in the education of students, residents and other health professionals
  • Incorporate formative evaluation feedback into daily practice
  • Identify strengths, deficiencies, and limit’s in one’s own knowledge and expertise in the specific area of teaching & evaluation
  • Communicate effectively with physicians and other health professionals
  • Work effectively as a member or leader of a healthcare team


Residents are expected to view and provide feedback and evaluation on the provided modules over the course of the academic year via Canvas.

List of Modules

  1. Education Introduction & Overview Part 1
  2. Education Introduction & Overview Part 2
  3. Education Introduction & Overview Part 3
  4. Level I:  Building the Foundation - What Makes a Good Teacher
  5. Level I:  Building the Foundation - Learner-Centered Education
  6. Level I:  Building the Foundation - Feedback and Evaluation
  7. Level I:  Building the Foundation - One-Minute Preceptor