Public Transportation

Residents who feel it unwise to drive home following duty should take a cab or Uber/LYFT home. The GME Office will reimburse  a cab/Uber/LYFT fare to and from home if you meet the following criterias:

  • Submit the fare receipt within one week using an expense report on Concur
  • Home addresses must be within 30 miles driving distance of affiliate institituions


Sleep and Fatigue Lecture

Sleep, Alertness and Fatigue Education in Residency (SAFER)

SAFER is a narrated video presentation that provides an introduction to the science of sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation. SAFER focuses on the demands and stresses of residency. The presentation provides practical suggestions for residents to manage fatigue and sleepiness including:
  • The influence of circadian and homeostatic processes 
  • When and how long to sleep 
  • What fatigue countermeasures to use


Which transportation services are reimbursable?

Residents may use the transportation of their choice:

  • Taxi cab
  • Uber
  • Lyft

When am I eligible to use the service?

Residents may use the service any time they are feeling overly fatigued after work. Your safety comes first. Don't get behind the wheel when you are overly fatigued.

I know that I'm going to be tired at the end of my shift. Can I use the service preemptively and travel from my home to work, and then back home?

No, the program's intended purpose is for residents that feel overly tired at the end of their shift. Residents cannot be reimbursed when preemptively using the transportation service to bring them to the hospital and then back home. 

May I use this transportation option when I am working at affiliated training sites?

Yes, this option is available for use from any affiliated training site to your verifiable home address listed on MedHub. This includes Loma Linda Veterans Hospital, Riverside University Health System, etc.

May I use the service to an address that is not my home address?

No, the end location must be your verifiable home address listed on MedHub.

I live really far from my training site. Can I still use the service?

You may use this service if the distance is within 30 miles. All residents are expected to reside within 30 miles driving distance of affiliate institutions as stated in Policy GMEC-25. The benefit of living in proximity to affiliate institution includes:

  • Increased resident safety with driving shorter distances, especially after overnight duty
  • Availability for home call
  • Availability in the event of disasters