Loma Linda University Health as an institution prioritizes resident wholeness. We encourage residents to build networks of support, develop habits that support their personal wellness and build personal resilience.

Each residency program designates a Chief Wellness Resident to serve on the GME Resident Wellness Committee. Chief Wellness Residents help build and enhance wellness initiatives and foster a community amongst residents.

Resident Wholeness Resources

Chief Wellness Residents

Residents can reach out to any chief wellness residents to give input into our GME wellness initiatives.

Community Addictions

The San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health provides a full range of substance use disorder treatment services for county communities and residents.


Community Counseling

List of community therapists (PDF pgs 68-73)

You do not need a referral to make an appointment.

Employee Counseling

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) free counseling.


GME Wellness Director

Dr. Amy Schill is our GME Wellness Director. She can assist you with a number of issues and any questions you may have.

Living Whole

Living Whole offers a variety of programs to help residents live healthier.

LLU Chemical Dependence & Addictions

Our Behavioral Medicine Center's chemical dependency services provides high-quality care using the 12-step, self-help approach to recovery.

Intake calls: 909-558-9224

National Suicide Hotline

The National Suicide Hotline provides 24/7 free confidential support.


Physician Vitality

The Office of Physician Vitality offers consultation services to residents for any life issues. They work with you to identify helpful strategies and even create a success plan.

Feel free to drop in at the office. You can also email, page or call anytime: 909-558-5257.


Dr. Melissa Pereau provides psychiatry services for residents.

Direct scheduling: 909-558-9500

Spiritual Mentoring

The Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness provides spiritual mentoring, conferences and assistance in clinical integration of whole person care.

Your Resident Wellness Director

The GME Wellness Director, Dr. Amy Schill, is focused on promoting increased meaning in medicine.

Dr. Schill supports residency programs and their designated Chief Wellness Residents. This support includes convening inter-specialty affinity groups and by advising on resident wellness initiatives.