Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium provides its residents and fellows with a compensation program that is highly competitive in today’s market. We approach salary and benefits as a total compensation package: wage programs, pay practices, paid time off, and ancillary benefits are all part of a compensation structure that sustains a comfortable quality of life for our residents and fellows.

Stipend Structure

Each PGY level stipend includes a housing allowance of $5,000 per year and a meal allowance of $1,500 per year.


2023-2024 Academic Year

2024-2025 Academic Year

1 $70,990.40 $72,020.00
2 $72,508.80 $73,564.40
3 $74,505.60 $75,590.67
4 $76,502.40 $77,615.20
5 $78,520.00 $79,681.33
6 $80,516.80 $81,705.87
7 & 8 $85,508.80 $86,758.53











Benefits in Brief

Medical and Dental Coverage

Our excellent comprehensive medical and dental plan includes prescriptions and is provided at minimal cost to you and your dependents. More information about your insurance coverage and preferred providers are available by visiting the Living Whole website. 

Monthly Contribution 

Medical, Vision & Prescription

Wholeness Plan w/Wellness Discount

Medical, Vision & Prescription

Wholeness Plan

Medical, Vision & Prescription

Base Plan


    FTB 2024 FTB 2024 FTB 2024 FTB 2024
Employee (EE) $90 $240 $140 $12
EE & Children $280 $505 $365 $42
EE & Spouse $328 $553 $428 $56
Family $460 $760 $605 $78

Paid Leave


There are nine (9) paid holidays per year: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

a.  Residents are provided 240 hours (30 Monday-Friday days) of PTO for each program year. Residents accrue the 240 hours over the course of the program year, but are permitted to use the hours at any point during the year (subject to any applicable scheduling requirements), even if PTO hours are used in advance of being accrued. 
b.  PTO is available for any reason, including but not limited to vacation, personal, illness, caring for a family member, etc. 

PTO Tip Sheet

Long-term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is paid by LLUHEC providing income replacement for residents in the case of disability after 30 days of being hired. 

Additional Income

Residents and fellows who hold a California postgraduate training license or unlimited medical license can earn additional income with moonlighting opportunities available within our medical center with approval by the Program Director and GME Office. Submit a Moonlighting Request Form on MedHub.

View Policy

Assistance to Fatigued Residents/Fellows

Residents who feel it unwise or unsafe to drive themselves home following duty should take a cab home. The Graduate Medical Education Office will reimburse the resident for a round-trip cab fare to home addresses within 30 miles of Loma Linda University Health if submitted online with a receipt within one week on Concur

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Cell Phone Reimbursement

Full-time residents in good standing who utilizes both ResQ Medical (an automated method of tracking resident work hours) and ContactBridge/Everbridge (LLUH emergency alert system) applications on their personal cellphone will be eligible for monthly payments from LLUHEC in the amount of $25/month (subject to regular taxes) added to their biweekly paycheck. 

Residents must use the ResQ Medical app to automatically track work hours while validating and submitting 100% of their weekly work hours in MedHub. ResQ Medical must also be utilized in order to participate in internal moonlighting opportunities.

ResQ Registration
Institution ID: lomalinda

Download ResQ App Download ResQ App
Everbridge Everbridge

Policy (On campus only)

Confidential Resident Advisors

Residents are always welcome to talk with the GME Office staff; however, Confidential Advisors are also available to listen to resident concerns, complaint(s) or problems and to advise you in finding solutions. They are here to help and guide you. Your discussions with him/her are confidential. Contact information of Confidential Resident Advisors are listed on the homepage of MedHub under Resources/Documents.

Disability Insurance

State Disability Insurance (SDI) is available for eligible employees in the event of hospitalization, outpatient surgery, or illness lasting over one week. An SDI claim form must be completed and submitted to the state promptly. Loma Linda University Health requires that employees apply for SDI if a covered event occurs. In addition to SDI, residents are covered by a long-term group disability income plan provided by Loma Linda University Health. This plan provides disability benefits until age 65.

Educational Fund

As a LLUHEC resident and fellow, you are eligible for $1000 reimbursement per academic year for the following educational and license fees incurred while completing your residency with us within our policy guidelines:

  • USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3
  • PTL, CA Medical License, DEA certificate
  • Books, Journals, Electronic Subscriptions
  • Professional Medical Society Membership Dues
  • Electronic Device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC only
  • Scientific /Medical Meeting or Course Registration fees
  • Travel for Scientific/Medical Meeting or Courses

Submit on Concur  User Guide  Policy (On Campus Only)

Employee HR Self-Service

Available through the Loma Linda Employee Access Destination (LLEAD) system, which can be accessed from the One Portal intranet (see Explore Applications located on the top right). LLEAD allows you to modify W-4 exemptions, view paychecks, or view W-2, etc. You must also notify the Graduate Medical Education Office of any changes to your name or home address; Contact the Graduate Medical Education Office by email or at 909-558-6131 (ext. 66131).


Family/Parental Leave

Twelve (12) weeks of family/medical leave, without pay but with continued benefits, is available for personal illness or family needs within the guidelines of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Initial DEA License Application Reimbursement

GME Office will reimburse the initial DEA license application fee if you apply and pay for it while in training at Loma Linda using a California medical license or Postgraduate Training License. Submit for reimbursement online on Concur after paying for the fee.

Note: We do not reimburse for DEA license applications using an out of state license.

Submit on Concur

Lactation Pumping Rooms

Loma Linda University Health provides lactation rooms to support women balancing their return to work with their needs as mothers of young children. Each room offers a clean, secure, and user-friendly environment for women who need to pump during their work shift.

List of Lactation Pumping Rooms

Life & Long-Term Disability Insurance

Loma Linda University Health provides a $300,000 group term life insurance policy.

Resident Life Insurance Summary

Resident Long Term Disability Summary

Malpractice Coverage

Medical malpractice insurance is provided for you by LLUH through a self-insured program. This program covers house staff while acting within the course and scope of their employment relationship. All coverage is provided on an occurrence basis.  No separate "tail coverage" is required.

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You will be issued $18 in meal tickets by your program coordinator for each scheduled 24-hour in-house on-call period. In addition, residents receive a 20% discount on food purchased at Loma Linda University Health cafeterias. 

On-Campus Dining Options

Medical Spanish Course

Canopy Learn, the Canopy Medical Spanish Training course teaches English-speaking providers the skills needed to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. Sign up using your LLUH discount for residents!

CanopyCredential is a standardized assessment to measure medical language proficiency in English and Spanish and certify bilingual healthcare providers. It is specifically designed to assist healthcare systems in qualifying bilingual medical staff to be compliant with Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

Reimbursement of $395 is offered by the GME Office by providing successful completion of all three levels. Reimbursement of $200 is offered by the GME Office by providing successful completion of the credential assessment. You must purchase the subscription and submit reimbursement on Concur during the academic year you sign up to qualify.

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Mileage Reimbursement for Business Travel

Residents may be reimbursed for the use of their personal vehicles for business purposes. Business-related travel reimbursement including mileage to/from another location during the workday is permitted. Note: The normal commute from home to and from an employee’s main work location cannot be reimbursed.

You must submit your mileage reimbursement on a Concur expense report in the academic year it occurred to get reimbursed.  

Mileage Log Template


Parking is provided for designated parking lots on campus. The Department of Parking has established an online service for the application of parking permits, updating accounts, permit renewal, appealing violations and violation payments. Visit parking regulations for more information. 

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Loma Linda is a non-profit organization and employed physicians are eligible for PSLF (public service loan forgiveness). Employer certification can be completed online on Tuition.io. 

Tuition.io is an online educational financial wellness platform with tools, resources and coaching to support employees in their planning and management of current and/or future student loan debt. Platform includes premium support for Public Service Forgiveness (PSLF) for LLUH employees.

Sign Up for Tuition.io

Recreation Facility

All residents and their dependents are allowed to join the Drayson Center free of charge.

Retirement Plan

Employees may choose a percentage or dollar amount to be taken off their paycheck per pay period pre-tax, after-tax or both. Employer contributions of 5% of total gross compensation up to $285,000 will be credited to participant's accounts annually; no later than September of the following year. Current residents can access available forms for the retirement plan on the One Portal.     

Years of Service Vested Percentage
Less than 1 Year 0%
1 Year 20%
2 Years 40%
3 Years 60%
4 Years 80%
5 Years 100%

Contact a T.Rowe Price Representative at 800-922-9945.

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Sleeping Rooms

Call rooms are available for residents and fellows who are required to stay in the hospital overnight. Contact your residency coordinator for call room access.

Transition from PTL to Full License Application Reimbursement

GME Office will reimburse the transition from PTL to full license application fee if you apply and pay for it while in training at Loma Linda. Submit for reimbursement online on Concur after paying for the fee.

Submit on Concur

UpToDate Reimbursement

Residents and fellows participating in one of our ACGME programs qualify for reimbursement for the base subscription at the trainee price. The subscription period must be while you are an active resident or fellow in the program.

Sign Up

Submit Reimbursement

White Coats

Two white laboratory coats are provided at the beginning of training. Additional coats may be purchased by a resident or fellow from the Graduate Medical Education Office upon request. There are no provisions for personal laundry.