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Front Entrance Closure

Please note: The front entrance of the Medical Center will be closed from 9 p.m. on Saturday, 9/21 through 4:30 a.m. on Monday, 9/23. Please park in Lot P3 and enter the Medical Center through the Grand Hallway, as there will be no pedestrian or vehicle access to the front entrance during this time.

As a resident, you'll have a chance to serve the unique healthcare needs of the medically underserved in our community.

Loma Linda University Health commits resources to understanding and addressing health disparity issues facing our patients today. The people we serve make up a diverse population with varied needs, so challenges and opportunities abound.

Your work will help reduce the prevalence of health disparities both locally and nationwide.

Quick Facts

Families in poverty in San Bernardino
Single mothers with children in poverty
County residents born outside the U.S.

See the City You Serve Tour

Residents Boarding Tour Bus for See The City You Serve

The "See the City You Serve" tour offers a glimpse of the social determinants that influence health disparities in our area. Your first day of residency orientation takes you on this guided tour of San Bernardino County. You'll get to experience the community firsthand and gain a better understanding of the people you'll serve.

Health Disparities Research Concentration

Residents have the opportunity to participate in the Health Disparities Research Concentration, which is crafted to fit your specific department and residency program. In the concentration, residents will:

  • Gain a better understanding of where and how their patients live.
  • Learn research approaches that take into account causes of health disparities.
  • Use strategies that improve physical and mental health outcomes.
  • Collaborate with faculty on a health disparity research project.

Residents are immersed in an intercultural curriculum, including case-based learning in four key areas.

  • Cultural diversity: acknowledge diversity in race/ethnicity and religion and develop intercultural and empathic communication.
  • Health literacy: read, understand and act on health care information using the teach back method.
  • Social determinants of health: understand the economic and social conditions of the population you serve.
  • Unconscious bias: become aware of your biases in providing healthcare.
"I want to be involved in giving back to an underserved community, like San Bernardino. My goal is to serve as both a teacher and mentor within the community."