On this page, you'll find information about getting tested for COVID-19 at Loma Linda University Health. You'll also find links to more COVID-19 information.

Testing at Loma Linda University Health

At this time, a COVID-19 test is only available at our facilities if you are undergoing certain procedures or surgeries. Your doctor will let you know if you will need a test if it is clinically indicated.

If you feel you have been exposed and would like to be tested for COVID-19, please refer to the following sites for testing locations in your community.

Learn more about COVID-19 testing cost, billing and insurance.

Should I get a COVID-19 test?

Since most people heal from COVID-19 at home, you do not necessarily need a test if you suspect you are infected and are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. 

When should I go to the hospital?

If you are experiencing severe symptoms please visit the emergency room or call 911. 

If you’re experiencing mild to moderate fever, cough or difficulty breathing and think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19, call your doctor. Most people are able to recover from COVID-19 by resting at home. Your doctor will help you understand what to do next based on your unique health needs. 

What should I do if I tested positive?

If your symptoms are mild, your next steps will most likely be to stay home and take care of yourself. If possible, stay isolated until all your symptoms resolve to prevent getting others sick.

What should I do if I tested negative?

A negative result doesn't necessarily mean you don't have COVID-19 — it may be too early for the disease to show up on a test. Keep up your social distancing and prevention measures.

COVID-19 may cause risks during certain procedures. You may have to be tested again if your provider says an upcoming procedure requires it.

What's an antibody test? Do I need one?

A COVID-19 antibody test looks for a specific molecule made by your immune system when it encounters coronavirus. If the molecule is found, you have already had COVID-19.

At this time, a COVID-19 antibody test is only available at our facilities if your physician requested one for you.