The Center for Joint Replacement specializes in total joint care. 

From pre-operative planning to post-operative exercise, our experts create a specialized treatment plan to achieve your best possible outcome. We offer minimally invasive surgical techniques and the most successful rehabilitation programs.

Our goal is to restore mobility, improve function, and get you back to activities you enjoyed before joint pain stopped you in your tracks. 

Why Choose Loma Linda University Joint Replacement Services

  • Success rates over 95% 
  • Most successful and complete orthopedics and rehabilitation program in the region
  • Often called for revisions to correct a joint replacement done at other facilities
  • Comprehensive program includes nutrition counseling, spiritual resources and emotional support
  • Personalized post-surgery rehabilitation plan to get you back to living a healthy active life
"After my surgery I can do everything that I had done before. There’s nothing that I can’t do. Anybody that can do what I do after an operation … yeah, I highly recommend Loma Linda University Orthopedics!"

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