The Limb Lengthening Center at Loma Linda University offers the latest and most advanced treatments for conditions affecting upper and lower limb length and deformity in children and adults. Lengthening and reconstructive surgery can be a journey.  In many cases gradual deformity corrections and lengthening surgery is performed over time with multiple procedures. We take our patients seriously and provide easy access to our physicians guiding you through each step of the process taking into account mental and physical challenges. 

Our goal is to help restore patients to their maximal potential using a comprehensive team approach.

Why Choose Us for Limb Lengthening

  • Nationally-recognized experts: We are the most experienced limb lengthening and reconstruction surgeons in the western United States. We are also leaders in the use of the Taylor Spatial Frame, Precice Magnetic Lengthening Nail, and Ilizarov Reconstruction, and other internal and external fixation systems.
  • Leading-edge treatments not available elsewhere: Our team offers innovative treatments for leg length discrepancy, mal-unions, non-unions, complex fractures, joint contractures, bone deficits, hip disorders, and short stature. We have the latest technology, including imaging with the EOS, a low-dose radiation scanner.
  • Full spectrum of care: We are a comprehensive team and program that understands the needs of patients of all ages, from initial consultation to surgery preparation and recovery and beyond.  
  • Personalized treatment plan: Our team takes the time to get to know your child, their health history, and their goals so we can create and execute a customized care plan just for your child. We utilize the latest in treatment options and are there with your child and family each step of the way.
doctor measuring a child's leg

Conditions and Treatments

Loma Linda University Health has developed specific surgical therapeutics for different uncommon and rare diseases in children and adults for both the upper and lower limbs.
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My family's experience is incredible. Our physician performed wonderfully well for our daughter's surgery. We will never forget him and his kindness. He is the best after God almighty.