Your health and safety is still our top priority. Appointments are available as video visits, phone calls or in-person visits as needed, with the same safe, world-class care you expect.

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Our orthopedic surgeons treat all fractures and trauma, including broken bones and torn ligaments, muscles and tendons. From children to adults and seniors, our surgeons can treat the most complicated fractures and tears, including those in the back and spine. At Loma Linda University Orthopedics, we focus on your recovery and rehabilitation as part of the healing process.

Why Choose Loma Linda University Fracture and Trauma Services

  • Highest level of classification for orthopedic services in the area
  • Orthopedic specialists with special training in treating fractures and trauma
  • Experts in handling complex cases, complications and surgical corrections
  • Level 1 Trauma Center for both adults and pediatric patients
  • Orthopedic residency program trains the next generation of specialists
  • Compassionate, whole person care that focuses on the body, mind and spirit


Kristi Ortiz

Kristi was in a horrific car accident and required extensive orthopedic treatment. Unhappy with her care at a nearby hospital, Kristi asked to be transferred to Loma Linda University Health. Listen to her story on how she made the choice to receive the care she deserves.