Loma Linda University Health’s Animal Care Facility Core provides cancer researchers access to animals for testing purposes. The facility upholds the highest ethical standards for the handling and care of its animals.

The Animal Care Facility Core provides assistance in acquiring, housing, feeding, preparing and treating vertebrate animals. Researchers have access to animals and can use equipment and surgical rooms to perform research within the facility. Research support services, like MRIs, are available as well.

The Need for Animals in Cancer Research 

Animal research into cancer has provided a great deal of information that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. Millions of people have been helped by new cancer treatments, diagnostic techniques and prevention methods developed through translational research and clinical trials. 

Loma Linda University Health researchers and staff do not take animal research lightly. We believe all life deserves our dedicated care and respect as the sacred creation of God. Unfortunately, there are still critical areas of study that require the use of animal research — but new techniques and technologies are reducing this need all the time.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Our IACUC is a federally-mandated group that oversees the humane care and treatment of laboratory animals. The committee provides oversight of animal research and ensures compliance with all existing and new legal requirements. Its responsibilities also include providing training for researchers and their staff so they may meet legal and organizational expectations.

Visit our IACUC website to learn how to seek approval for animal research at Loma Linda University Health.