Diagnostic Radiology is the use of non-invasive imaging to identify patient problems. We also use diagnostic radiology to monitor our patients response towards treatment and the screening of diseases.

General Diagnostic Radiology provides 3-D imaging X-rays, fluoroscopic procedures, and C-arm services for both adult and pediatric patients. In order to achieve the highest quality of service, we have several locations tailored to the specific needs of our patients. 

  • Medical Center Adult Radiology provides service for both inpatients and outpatients needing 3-D imaging and fluoroscopic procedures. Pediatric Radiology also treats both inpatients and outpatients for 3-D imaging and fluoroscopic procedures, but it caters to the special needs of pediatric patients.
  • For patients with emergent needs, Emergency Room Radiology provides rapid imaging for the diagnosis of acute conditions for all patients. 
  • Operating Room Radiology technologists perform C-arm procedures and portable X-rays for the surgical department. When inpatients are too unstable to be transported from their rooms, we have radiologic technologists available to perform portable exams on both adult and pediatric patients.

Additional radiology facilities are located at the East Campus Hospital, the Faculty Medical Offices (FMO), and the Surgical Hospital (SH).

X-ray services are provided on a walk-in basis. To locate the departments offering walk-in X-ray services, please visit the "Our Locations" page.