The Department of Medicine at Loma Linda University Health helps adult patients — both sick and healthy — be healthier. Our goal is always to heal the body, the mind and the spirit.

Whether it’s an illness, an injury or just preventive care, our internal medicine physicians, or internists, provide innovative, comprehensive services. We're here to serve you both in clinics for brief visits and for longer stays in the hospital. If we don’t have the tools to make you feel better, we can refer you to an in-house specialist who does.

Quick Facts

Years of service in our community
Internal medicine physicians
Meeting the needs of over 4 million people

Why Choose Us

  • Full breadth of services: We have the expertise and resources needed to provide almost any type of care. We support you all the way from check-ups to highly-specialized medical treatments.
  • Regional leaders: Our internal medicine specialties are some of the most-visited, best-equipped, and most experienced in the region.
  • 24/7 care: Our in-house specialists are available to treat you 24 hours a day.
  • Research and innovation: We’re working to improve the care we offer you all the time. Our researchers are dedicated to developing the next generation of treatment approaches.

Internal Medicine Services

Allergy and Immunology

Our allergy and immunology physicians can help you find relief from allergic asthma and other allergies, food and drug sensitivities, immune system disorders, and recurrent infections.

We provide testing, treatment, and a customized care plan to help you enjoy a better quality of life.

Allergy & Immunology


Cardiologists specialize in keeping your heart healthy. Our cardiovascular team consists of specialists from multiple disciplines who collaborate to provide you the best heart care possible. We’re able to treat even the most complex adult congenital heart diseases.

Our cardiology division stands apart from those in the region. We’re the only cardiology program in the region that offers both left ventricular assist device (LVAD) and heart transplant services. We’re also the region’s highest-volume center performing complex structural cardiovascular procedures.

Cardiology Services


Endocrinologists help patients manage diseases related to dysfunctions in the organs that control hormones. One of the most well-known endocrine diseases is diabetes. Our Diabetes Treatment Center has been recognized by the American Diabetes Association for its excellence in patient education.

Our endocrinology program provides the most comprehensive care in the region for a number of disorders. Our primary focus is for patients with these disorders to return to living full, active lifestyles.


Gastroenterology (GI) and Hepatology

Gastroenterologists treat disorders that affect the digestive system. Loma Linda University Health’s gastroenterology program is top in the region and one of the best in California. Our physicians lead the field, providing state-of-the-art, patient-centered care. We’re equipped to address the most difficult cases of the most complex disorders.

Our program is focused on advancing scientific knowledge through innovative research and clinical trials. We use this knowledge to adapt how we train the next generation of gastroenterologists. Every year, our capabilities advance and the future becomes brighter for those affected by digestive diseases.

Gastroenterology Services


Hospitalists treat you when your care doesn’t require a specialist or detailed knowledge of your medical history. Hospitalists help make sure your primary care physician is able to see you when it matters most. These doctors provide comprehensive inpatient care.

Loma Linda University Health is home to the largest academic hospitalist program in the region. The program helps to strengthen connections between patients, nurses, case managers and staff.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Our infectious diseases specialists help prevent, diagnose, and manage a wide range of infections, including HIV and sexually transmitted infections, Valley fever, infections related to organ transplants, and cardiac or cardiac device infections.

We partner with our patients to create effective, individualized treatment plans.

Infectious Diseases

Medical Oncology and Hematology

Our medical oncology and hematology department is part of the only dedicated cancer center in the region. We provide patients with advanced medical treatments for cancers and blood-related diseases.

The department leads the region in cancer research. We’re committed to cancer prevention, treatment and research in the pursuit of improving patient quality of life and survival outcomes.

Cancer Center


Nephrologists help patients with kidney-related issues. Our nephrology program provides a full range of services including:

  • Kidney disease diagnosis.
  • Management of diseases and their symptoms.
  • Medical management of renal (kidney) transplant.

Our transplant-capable nephrology program is the largest high-volume program of its kind in the region. We offer the region’s largest peritoneal dialysis program for patients with kidney failure.

Nephrology Services

Primary Care

Internal medicine primary care physicians provide expert care for adults. Their role includes coordinating with specialists to make sure each patient gets the right kind of medical attention. They're with you through the entirety of your care, from severe illness requiring hospitalization to restoring health at home.

Primary Care

Pulmonary, Critical Care, Hyperbaric, and Sleep Medicine

Pulmonologists see patients who have issues related to their lungs and respiratory system. Our Advanced Lung Disease Center is the only one in the region with specific clinics for interstitial lung disease, interventional pulmonology, pulmonary vascular disease, obstructive airway diseases, and sleep medicine.

Our team leads the region in both innovative research and patient care. Translating findings from clinical trials into new, effective treatments helps us achieve our goal to improve patient lives. We also offer the highest number of innovative procedures in the region in pursuit of this goal.

Pulmonary Critical Care Services

Advanced Lung Disease Center


Rheumatologists help patients who have inflammation causing problems related to their joints, muscles, skeleton or soft tissues. These types of issues are often caused by disorders of the immune system.

Our rheumatology program provides advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques for a number of rheumatic disorders. We were the first in the nation to use rheumatology ultrasound to assist in treatment and diagnosis of issues like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and vasculitis, among others.

Rheumatology Services

Laren Tan, MD
Laren Tan, MD
“The Department of Medicine is a community of highly-trained physicians providing compassionate, whole person care to our community. It is our privilege to serve our patients with the most advanced healthcare in our region.”