We invite you to join our optometric affiliation program. Collaborate with Loma Linda University Eye Institute to inform your patients about eye diseases and promote current management strategies that exist to prevent blindness.

Goal #1 – Better Community Eye Care

  • Better Patient Education
    • Information sharing with affiliated optometrists
    • Preventative eye care
    • AMD, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, etc.
    • Disease treatment options
    • Research opportunities
  • Improved Access to Quality Eye Care
    • 2 way street
    • Facilitate ophthalmology referrals
    • Ensure optometric continuity of care

Goal#2 – Improve the Patient Experience with the Eye Institute

  • Appointment process
  • Office visit
  • Optometric follow-up
  • Communication process with referring optometrists

Affiliated optometrists will be part of the Loma Linda University Health's Quality Management process

General Referral Information

For routine referrals, please fax completed referral request form to our office, at 909-558-2180 or call 909-558-EYES. Please state that the referral is from your optometry office, so your patient will receive an “optometry referral” slot in our schedule.

Affiliate Resources



Loma Linda University Health CareLink is a secure Web portal that connects you to information stored in our electronic medical record (EMR) system for your referred and admitted patients. As your patients receive care from us, you will have the information you need to plan your patients' ongoing care.
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