The Department of Security patrols the Loma Linda University Health campus. Patrols are conducted by officers in uniform in marked patrol units and from time-to-time by officers on foot. The patrols are supple­mented by closed-circuit television cameras strategically located through­out the Medical Center and in some campus areas. Patrols of the facilities are conducted 24/7.

The Department of Security currently maintains both security officers and K-9 teams to assist with many service functions of the department, as well as the prevention of crime through patrols and preventive techniques. They also enforce laws and make arrests when a situation calls for such action.

Additional Services Provided

Car Problems

The Security Department is available to assist you with such problems as: vehi­cle jump-starts, keys locked in the car, and lost cars. When possible, lift the hood and stand by your vehicle. Security personnel will respond and assist you as soon as possible.

Medical Assistance

Emergency requests for medical treatment and ambulance services should be directed to the Security Department at 909-558-4320, ext. 44320. The department will provide basic response and will con­tact the appropriate Emergency Medical System (EMS) for you.


Escort services are available to all members of the Medical Center and University community during dark hours, or whenever an individual feels unsafe, 24/7. If you need an escort, call the Security Control Center at x44320 and give them your name, location, and destination. A Security Officer will be glad to meet you and walk or drive you to your car or other campus destination. Due to the Officer’s varying responsibilities, a wait may be necessary before an Officer arrives for your escort but you will be considered a priority.

Locksmith Service

The university's campus engineering service lock and key department provides locksmith services including lock core changes, door hardware problems, or any other repair services of locks and doors, to offices and buildings owned by the Medical Center and the University. They also issue keys for all buildings except LLUMC and LLUCH. Medical Center and Children's Hospital keys can be obtained from the Security Control Center. Keys are only issued to authorized persons with proper identification after receiving a completed key request form.

Automobile Accident Reports

If you or someone you know is involved in an automobile accident on campus, call the Security Department immediately. The Department of Security will take an accident report which may be used for insur­ance purposes. The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department will not take an accident report on Medical Center/University property unless there are injuries involved.

If there are injuries involved, the department of security will contact the appropriate rescue and Emergency Medical Support (EMS) agency. You can contact the department of security via any of the cam­pus emergency phones or on any campus phone located throughout campus. Indicate the parking lot you are in, whether there are any injuries, and the make and color of the vehicles involved.

Personal Injury Reports

If you or someone you know is ill or injured on LLUAHSC University or Medical Center proper­ty, contact the department of security via any of the campus emergency phones or any campus phone. An officer will be dispatched and the appropriate Emergency Medical Support (EMS) personnel contacted for assistance, if needed.

Emergency Phones on Campus

Emergency phones are identified by either a red, yellow or gray emergency call box. To contact the department of security with one of these phones, all you have to do is to pick up the receiver. When an emergency phone is activated, the department of security dispatcher will be alerted and an officer is sent to the location of the phone. No dialing or conversation is required. If possible, however, try to describe the emergency to the dispatcher.

In 1995, the Medical Center installed a number of new emergency phones. They are on distinctly marked bright red poles and will be easily located and identifiable at night by use of a blue light at the top of the pole. To use one of these emergency phones push the red button on the call box.


For the health and comfort of patients and visitors, Loma Linda University Medical Center operates a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the Medical Center. For interested persons, the Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion offers a smoking cessation program. For information call 909-558-4496.