As a patient or visitor, you have the option to use our parking structures or valet services. You may also drop off or pick up patients at the front entrance on Prospect Avenue.

Parking Structures

P3 – Patient and Visitor Parking

The P3 parking structure provides free self-parking to patients and visitors. P3's entrance is located on the corner of Barton Road and Campus Street, around the block from the hospital main entrance. From P3, follow the signs to enter the Medical Center or Children’s Hospital.

To reach P3 from the hospital main entrance (on Anderson Street and Prospect Avenue):

  • Go south on Anderson Street.
  • Turn right on Barton Road.
  • At the first traffic signal, turn right on Campus Street.
  • Turn right into the parking structure entrance.

The structure has six levels of parking, with 745 spaces. Handicapped parking includes 12 ADA spaces, three van ADA spaces, and one ADA electric vehicle charging space. There are 10 electrical vehicle charging spaces available. The building includes a waiting area for patients, two restrooms and two elevator cars.

P4 – Clinic and Emergency Parking

The P4 parking structure provides free self-parking for our Faculty Medical Clinics and emergency rooms. P4's entrance is located on Anderson Street, across the street from the hospital.

To reach P4 from the hospital main entrance (on Anderson Street and Prospect Avenue):

  • Go south on Anderson Street.
  • Go straight at the traffic signal.
  • Take the next right into the parking lot.
  • Go to the parking structure entrance at the west end of the lot.

P4 also has an entrance on the eastbound lanes of Barton Road.

Valet Parking

Patients and visitors arriving at the Dennis and Carol Troesh Medical Campus may use our valet parking services at the hospital main entrance on Prospect Avenue. Service hours are Monday-Thursday, 5 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Friday, 5 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

The cost is $5 per vehicle, credit card only. Valet service is free for those with disability license plates or placards, as well for patients of our Cancer Center and International Heart Institute.

Vendors, employees, students, or volunteers should not use the valet service, but instead park in designated lots.