"A stitch in time saves nine”…. Or in practical terms, there are things that you can do to keep yourself from becoming a victim. See the Safety Issues page for more information.

Remember to donate your used cell phones to the Security Department so that they can be recycled with the 911 Program. They will clean your phone and recycle it to be given to an elderly person or a battered woman to use in case of an emergency.


LLUMC is committed to providing a safe environment for patients, visitors, and employees. Safety personnel work mostly behind the scenes, so you may not see them, but rest assured that they are on the job for you.

**The Safety Office directs its efforts toward preventing accidents and injuries throughout the Medical Center and University campus. This is done through employee training, regular equipment and facility inspections, and incident investigation.

**The Office of Radiation Safety and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety take responsibility for the safe use and management of hazardous materials, (e.g. chemicals and radioactive materials)

The most dangerous safety hazard in hospitals is fire. For this reason, as well as for the health and comfort of all, smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hospital. We have an automatic fire sprinkler system throughout the building, which would help to contain a fire. In that event, all doors will be closed to stop the spread of smoke. The need for evacuation is very unlikely.

Universal Precautions

In an effort to prevent the spread of illness and disease and thus protect both patients and employees, LLUMC operates under strict universal precautions guidelines. All employees receive training in universal precaution and wear protective clothing -- including gloves, masks, and other gear when necessary and as dictated by hospital policies. If you have any questions about disease and infection control procedures and policies, please speak with your physician or nurse.