Vascular surgery training can be stressful and strenuous. As a division we emphasize the need for a balanced life. We’re growing a culture of wholeness and inclusivity. We actively support each other professionally and personally and consider ourselves a big family. We value each other’s individuality and strengths. We recognize we’re all connected and that our differences and diversity make us a stronger team.

Fellow Wellness

Fellow wellness is extremely important to our division & we proudly have a wellness director, quarterly wellness discussions/educational activities, and are always looking to grow as a division. Fellows take call 1-2 weekends a month and 1-2 days a week. We’ve created a cushioned schedule to allow for a more balanced lifestyle. When a fellow isn’t on call they are not expected to be around. Fellows are given a protected half day for academic time and are encouraged to attend and present at regional and national conferences as they desire. Our fellows have enjoyed exploring southern California, from the beaches to the mountains and big cities around us. 

Faculty Wellness

Faculty wellness is essential to a healthy division, fellowship and residency programs, and overall health of our team. Our attendings have designated half days for academic time, bi-weekly meetings as a team to work through items, strategize together, build community, and dream up the future of our division. From team lunches, to dinners, our team enjoys time together & challenges each other to seek wellness in their practice and life. Attendings are encouraged to join committees, attend and present at regional and national conferences & pursue academics that bring them joy & purpose.

Wellness Director of Vascular Surgery

Kristyn Mannoia, MD

Director of Wellness & Education, Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Mannoia has had an interest in integrating medicine and wellness since college, when she served as a hospital chaplain, and has worked to maintain a healthy work-life balance throughout medical training and practice. She believes that integrating surgical practice with other aspects of life makes us fundamentally better surgeons and that a training program should teach balance in addition to operative techniques. She is involved in the SVS Wellness Task Force and is the Pillar Lead for Wholeness in the LLU Commitment for Surgery. Additionally, she has started a Wellness curriculum for the Division of Vascular Surgery at Loma Linda to continue to improve education and emphasize wellness in Vascular Surgery.