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Krista Thompson, Program Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

What matching service does your program participate in?

Our fellowship participates in the NRMP, and accepts applicants who have graduated from ACGME accredited trainings.

How do I apply?

Interested and qualified applicants may apply during the designated time period through the ERAS (AAMC) website.

When do you review applications?

We typically begin reviewing applications in early January.

When do you schedule interviews?

We typically have interview dates in February and March.

Can I shadow your team before my interview?

Unfortunately LLUH does not allow for this type of shadowing. We do offer a pre-interview dinner, where you can get to know our fellows and some of our attendings. 

What can I expect the interview day to look like?

We begin around 7:30 am, with a light breakfast and program overview given by our PD. You’ll be introduced to other applicants, our faculty and staff. Interviews start around 8:30 am and go through about 11:00 am. You’ll meet with individual or grouped up attendings for about 15-20 minutes, and rotate through 4 -5 interview rooms. A break is given in the day, as well as a tour of our nearest Medical Center & Children’s Hospital area. Lunch is provided, and we typically end the day around 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm.

Do I fly into LAX or Ontario?

The nearest airport is Ontario International in Ontario, California (be sure you select California and not Canada!). LAX and John Wayne/Orange County/Santa Ana are also viable options; however, traffic driving to and from needs to be considered as it can be large factor depending on the time of day.

Typical drive times are about 1 hour from LA/Orange County depending on time of day & traffic, and about 30 minutes from Ontario.

COVID-19 Impact on Interviews

Because of the ongoing pandemic we are unsure if we will be having in-person interviews for the upcoming interview season, or if they will be virtual. We most likely won’t be having our pre-interview dinners either. Your safety is our priority and we will update as interview time draws nearer.