Our schedule allows for work/life balance and the ability to have a decent amount of free time, to prioritize needs (family, studying, research, teaching, etc.). Faculty treats you with respect, and gives you the opportunity to make decisions, lead residents & students, and grow into more of an independent practice.

A Deeper Glimpse

We’re grateful for an evenly split call schedule, where call ends up being 1-2 weekends a month and 1-2 days a week. Call is split between the 2 fellows & the PGY3 that is on our service (at LLUH). When you’re not on call you are not expected to be available or present. Your protected time is 100% protected. 

portrait of Dr. Jhajj
portrait of Dr. Jhajj
Sure we’re a busy service, but I’ve found a lot of freedom in our call schedule. I love being able to be home with my wife, explore southern California and our surrounding areas. We didn’t know much about this area before my fellowship, and some of our favorite places are in Lake Tahoe, Redlands and Riverside. Great restaurants and areas to explore!

Our Strengths

fellows working together

Tech Sessions

We hold monthly tech sessions where industry reps bring in simulators & educational equipment for hands on sessions with our fellows & rotating residents. 

Regional & National Conference Presentations

Regional & National Conference Presentations

Fellows are given opportunities to work with attendings on a range of projects and are encouraged to present at regional and national conferences. When presenting, conferences are paid for by the department (must be approved by Chief). It’s a great time of networking, learning & growing in academics. 

fellows outing


I really wanted to do a fellowship on the west coast & Loma Linda seemed to be the perfect place- nice weather, close enough to LA and still a bit of a small-town feel. Then I saw the flexible call schedule & the case volume and I was sold! Fellows really are encouraged to take advantage of weekends and nights off and enjoy exploring our local area & all that So. Cal has to offer! I chose to live in Riverside and have really enjoyed the area! 

Rahul Kar, MD Vascular Fellow