The plastic surgery residency program adheres to the basic policy established by the Graduate Medical Education Committee of Loma Linda University Medical Center as follows:

  • Residents must pass each rotation.
  • Residents must have mastered appropriate skills as evidenced by their plastic surgery operative log.
  • Residents must pass a mock oral exam twice yearly.
  • Residents must receive positive evaluations concerning their professionalism, communication skills, and teamwork from nurses, staff, residency coordinator, students, and fellow residents.
  • Residents must have attended 80 percent of educational conferences.
  • Residents scoring below the established percentile (based on year of training) on the Inservice exam shall be subject to a personalized, intensive study program with the program director.

The program director will summarize for the faculty the resident's progress in educational attainment, clinical skills, professionalism, and other areas. The faculty as a whole shall determine whether promotion shall occur. The faculty may instruct the program director to notify the resident of specific concerns or conditions for advancement. The faculty may recommend that the resident may be:

  • Promoted to the next level
  • Placed on probation
  • Required to repeat a portion of the year or the entire year
  • Terminated

The criteria, in detail, for yearly advancement is found in the "Resident Orientation Manual," that is given to each resident in June preceding the new academic year.