Loma Linda University Medical Center

The PGY III and IV resident will spend 9 months total at Loma Linda, comprised of three 3-month long rotations. He/she will function as a member of a team that includes the chief resident in plastic surgery, the other 3 PGYIII or IV plastic surgery residents and the intern. Resident responsibilities will include emergency room coverage, performance of inpatient consultations, and coverage in the operating room and clinic. The PGYIII or IV resident will be supervised in his/her activities by the attending staff. He/she will be most immediately responsible to the chief resident in plastic surgery; he/she will in turn supervise the intern and medical students.

Craniofacial Rotation

During this rotation, the PGY III or IV resident will operate and attend clinics mostly with our craniofacial surgeons Drs. Martin and Ray. He or she will be actively involved in preoperative and postoperative assessments of the patients in clinic, will preferentially cover the cases of the aforementioned attendings, and will be responsible for day to day communication with these attendings about their inpatients and consults. The goal of this rotation is to provide and in-depth exposure to the breadth of this subset of our field and to work closely with various ancillary services which ultimately are involved in the care of our craniofacial patients. In addition to the ambulatory clinics of Drs. Martin and Ray, the resident on this service will attending the craniofacial clinic once a week. In this setting the resident will be immersed in our multidisciplinary craniofacial team and will see long term and longitudinal care of our craniofacial patients. The resident will also be responsible for coordinating the nasoendoscopy conference with the craniofacial team's speech pathologist. The resident will also preferentially be responsible for managing emergency consultations of facial trauma patients.

Hand Surgery and Mohs Reconstruction Rotation

During this rotation, the PGY III or IV resident will operate and attending clinics mostly with our hand surgeon specialist, Dr. Gupta. A once a week, mostly hand patient oriented clinic will allow the resident to actively participate in preoperative and postoperative assessment of our hand trauma and elective patients as well as to interact with our Loma Linda Hand Therapists in creating and coordinating care for our patients' recovery. The resident will preferentially staff hand surgery cases and will be most immediately responsible for evaluating emergency consultations of hand trauma patients.

In addition, the resident will be responsible for post-Mohs reconstructions in his/her Maliniac clinic. There are several dermatologists who perform Mohs excisions for skin cancers and rely on our department for assistance with closure of complex wounds. The resident will be responsible for preoperative assessment and guidance of these patients as well as for their reconstructive plan, the performance of this reconstruction, and their follow up care. This will give the resident a continuity of care of their own patients and an immersive first experience in the ambulatory setting of adequately assessing his/her own patients, coming up with an operative strategy, carrying out this operative intervention, and evaluating the postoperative outcome. All Maliniac patients will be staffed with an attending and the procedures will be performed under their direct supervision and guidance.

Comprehensive Rotation

During this rotation, the PGY III or IV resident will operate and attending clinics mostly with our breast and reconstructive surgeons including Drs. Kim, Hill, Gupta, and Mascaro. The resident will attend the aforementioned attendings' clinics and will preferentially staff their cases to allow for an excellent experience in the continuity of care of these complex patients. This rotation will expose the resident to a broad spectrum of reconstructive procedures and will allow for him/her to interface broadly with various other surgical and medical services within the hospital to coordinate the complex care of our reconstructive patients. The resident will also have the most immediate responsibility for handling any reconstructive consultations which may be called.