Loma Linda University Medical Center (Six-month rotation)

During this clinical rotation, the PGY VI resident will be designated the chief administrative resident for six months while at Loma Linda University Medical Center. It is anticipated that the chief resident will be responsible for overseeing the entire plastic surgery service, and the day-to-day management of the plastic surgery inpatients, and will participate with the attending physicians in the major operating cases of his/her choice. The chief resident will be operating surgeon or teaching assistant in the majority of these procedures. The chief resident will be allowed to choose particular emphasis for his/her rotation depending on his/her level of interest (such as major reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, or microvascular surgery).

The chief resident will direct and coordinate a weekly plastic surgery resident clinic (plastic surgery teaching office). This clinic will provide a unique atmosphere for patient management. This clinic setting was designed specifically for supervised, yet independent, resident/patient interaction. The chief resident (under the supervision of the attending staff) will have clinical office space, support personnel, and operating room scheduling time. This clinic will allow the chief resident latitude in scheduling cases in deficit areas, or in a chosen area of clinical emphasis. Continuity of care will be ensured by allowing him/her to participate in not only surgical procedures, but also preoperative and postoperative clinic responsibility.

The chief resident will be supervising the other residents on the Loma Linda rotations. He/she will be given specific teaching responsibilities and will participate both in dissemination of the clinical student clerkship core curriculum. He/she will also participate in evaluation of the interns and medical students with the attending physicians and will be delegated the overall responsibility of organizing the resident call schedules. The chief resident will also assist with operative scheduling.