Riverside University Health System (Six-month rotation)

A primary goal of this clinical service is to provide an environment where the PGY VI resident can function with the guidance of the full time attending staff but also have significant responsibility for the management of his/her own service and exercise independent judgment in patient care. Riverside University Health System (RUHS) offers a broad range of general plastic surgery exposure and ambulatory plastic surgery.

The plastic surgery service at RUHS is currently staffed by two faculty members. All other attending staff in Loma Linda University Medical Center have current staff privileges and full operating privileges at RUHS so that appropriate cross coverage and supervision of the resident staff can always be maintained. The plastic surgery service weekly schedule includes one to two days of major operating room time and a full day in the designated outpatient area for an ambulatory clinic experience and were minor procedures may be performed. It is anticipated that the resident will schedule and operate on the majority of patients as surgeon.

The PGY VI resident will oversee a team including a PGY V plastic surgery resident rotating on the Research and Reconstruction as well as a PGY II general surgery resident. He/she will be responsible for the management of all plastic surgery inpatients and will perform all inpatient consultations. His/her administrative duties will include responsibility for clinic and operating room scheduling and the daily assignments of the junior residents. On this rotation, the PGY VI resident will be given specific teaching responsibilities in respect to the junior residents and medical students. The resident will be responsible for any general plastic surgery emergencies in the emergency room. The service will also cover one third of all maxillofacial trauma received at the hospital.

This particular rotation offers a progressive and increased level of responsibility for the resident and provides excellent continuity of care. The PGY VI resident will attend all relevant clinics and follow each patient from presentation throughout surgery and postoperative care.