Loma Linda University Medical Center/Private Practice Clinical Faculty-Aesthetic Surgery (Six-month rotation)

The PGY V resident will have a combined rotation incorporating Loma Linda University Medical Center with the private surgical practices of our clinical faculty. The goals of this rotation are to allow the resident a more senior level exposure and to allow the resident to participate in a typical community plastic surgery practice under the supervision of well-established, board-certified plastic surgeons who emphasize cosmetic surgery in their practice.

During this rotation, the resident will be exposed to a significant volume of ambulatory surgery, 90 percent of which is aesthetic in nature. We believe that senior-level residents would be best able to benefit from observation of the subtleties and specific techniques of aesthetic surgery, the management of cosmetic patients, and also from exposure to private practice and office management. In addition, by placing this rotation in the PGY V year the resident will be able to incorporate what he/she has learned and implement this knowledge during his/her chief (PGY VI) year, specifically while he/she is directing the Plastic Surgery Teaching Office at Loma Linda University Medical Center. The resident on this rotation will not have any responsibility for inpatient or emergency plastic surgery services with the private practice group. The resident will obtain a high level of continuity of care particularly in the private practice exposure since he/she will be evaluating patients on their initial preoperative visit to the private practice office and then following them through their surgical experience and also learning about postoperative follow-up.

At the beginning of the rotation the resident selects from all of our clinical faculty to spend 1-2 weeks in their offices. We have an extremely diverse clinical faculty to choose from with broad expertise. This rotation emphasizes aesthetic surgery of the head and neck, trunk, and extremities, cosmetic breast surgery, practice management, and marketing.