Our graduates are well-trained specialists in Obstetrics and Gynecology, able to provide quality whole person care to women in all stages of life.

Our patient population encompasses a wide array of diverse backgrounds, and we are committed to reflecting this cultural diversity within our residency program.

Program Highlights

  • Collaborative work environment with strong interpersonal relationships between faculty and residents.
  • Robust surgical volume at two hospitals, encompassing both general Benign Gynecology and subspecialty Gynecologic Surgery (Gyn-Oncology and FPMRS).
  • High level of resident camaraderie with frequent engagement in social activities outside of work.
  • Focus on resident wellness with dedicated time for wellness activities and 24-hour access to additional wellness resources from the Office of Physician Vitality.
  • Formal research curriculum, including monthly meetings with residency program research directors and an annual research symposium.
  • Formal quality improvement (QI) curriculum with assigned QI mentors to help establish meaningful projects contributing to institutional patient safety measures.

Program Components


Our OB-GYN resident curriculum focuses on progressive responsibility in a well-supervised, safe learning environment. Our goal is for our graduating residents to be fully independent to care for a wide variety of conditions, both medically and surgically.


Rotation Sites

Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital: Our brand new, state-of-the-art hospital towers opened in August 2021.  Together, these towers house 320 licensed beds in our Adult Hospital and 364 licensed beds in our Children’s Hospital.  The San Manuel Maternity Pavilion has 44 licensed OB beds, with over >50% of our deliveries meeting criteria for high-risk pregnancies.

Riverside University Health System Medical Center: A neighboring hospital providing residents exposure to complex obstetrics and gynecology patients in a county hospital setting.

SAC Health System: The location for our resident continuity clinics, housed in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). SAC provides the opportunity for supervised care for a longitudinal panel of patients.


Our formal research curriculum exposes residents to innovative thinking from the start of residency.  Each resident:

  • is assigned a research mentor.
  • participates in formal didactic activities instructing residents in research methodology.
  • designs a research project over the four years of residency.  

Past residents have published articles in major journals and participated in poster presentations at regional and national meetings.

Portrait of Dr. Andrea Salcedo
Portrait of Dr. Andrea Salcedo
I chose to work here because the Christ-centered mission aligns with my life purpose. Collaborating with colleagues who place evidence-based medicine, integrity and superior quality at the forefront of patient care is why I continue to practice medicine here. Loma Linda University Health is the best!