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We believe that resident well-being is very important to a healthy residency program. Because of this belief we have implemented several wellness activities for our residents to enjoy over the year. Quarterly we give them what we call "family group" time. This is an afternoon free from service or formal didactics where the residents meet with their fellow residents of the same PGY level and can choose an activity to do together. Activities have included going to get coffee and snacks, getting mani/pedis, and catching a movie. We have also implemented a Big Sib/ Little Sib mentoring program where junior residents are paired with a senior mentor. These groups meet both formally and informally throughout the year. 

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A favorite among the residents is our resident retreat. We take 1 day away from clinical duties and go offsite to learn a little and play a lot. One of our recent retreats was to the local mountains where the residents had lecture time in the morning followed by an afternoon of team building activities on a ropes course and a chance to go zip-lining. 

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