Family medicine residents can expect widely varied experiences from day to day. You'll have the opportunity to experience countless invaluable hand-on learning experiences.

A Typical Day

A typical day for a family medicine resident varies depending on which service you’re currently rotating on – from inpatient medicine to continuity clinic and everything in between. During your rotations you’ll have many opportunities to build relationships and interact with residents on different services.

During intern year, family medicine residents spend most of their time rotating on inpatient services like pediatrics, obstetrics and internal medicine. As a senior resident, you’ll spend more time on a variety of outpatient rotations and specialty clinics like sickle cell clinic and HIV clinic. Senior residents also have an opportunity to mentor medical students in both inpatient and outpatient settings. 

Didactic education is provided through noon conference and Friday afternoon lectures, which provides the opportunity to learn, bond and, very importantly, eat free lunch.

Outpatient rotations allow senior residents more time working continuity clinic at the Social Action Corps Health System, or SACHS. Here, residents work alongside each other through a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). You’ll be able to offer your patients behavioral health, pharmacy, case managers, continuity advisors and more.

Support Resources

Resident-elected wellness chairs champion development and utilization of support resources for residents. Their first duty is to keep residents informed on how to access wellness resources.

Chairs serve as peer representatives to the GME Resident Wellness Committees to coordinate initiatives within the residency program. Chairs may select, develop and give feedback on wellness initiatives that will be sponsored by the GME office for all LLU residents.

The wellness resources available to all LLU residents include:

  • Concierge access to medical appointments.
  • Quarterly wellness events organized by the Resident Wellness Committee.
  • Representation from each LLU residency on the Resident Wellness Committee.
  • Confidential appointments readily available with mental health professionals.

In support of our residents, the Family Medicine Residency offers its own initiatives and resources, including:

  • Monthly scheduled support groups.
  • Big Sibs for every incoming intern.
  • Faculty advisor for every resident.
  • Lunch provided for all didactics.
  • Weekly resident community evening group for spiritual health.
  • Monthly social gatherings organized by social chairs.

Resident Life

Residents have many opportunities for socialization, support and growth and are encouraged to seize them. You can read more about these opportunities on the Resident Life page.

"I have never felt more comfortable and more supported during an exceptionally difficult time in my life. During a time of rapid growth, it is truly wonderful to be surrounded by both compassionate and passionate people who give you the strength to grow into a unique physician and the inspiration to be the best version of that unique physician."

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