Additional Resident and Faculty Articles

Inadequate sleep & obesity: Breaking the vicious cycle - Ecler Ercole Jaqua, MD, MBA, FAAFP, AGSF, FACLM, DipABOM; Alaleh Mapar, DO; Mai-Linh N. Tran, MD, FAAFP, DipABLM, DipABOM; Van Nguyen, DO, FAAFP, DipABOM

Conventional Versus New Treatment: Comparing the Effects of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors and N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Antagonist With Aducanumab - Ecler Jaqua, Wessam Labib, and Katalin Danji

B Vitamins: Functions and Uses in Medicine - Mary Hanna, MD, FAAFP; Ecler Jaqua, MD, FAAFP; Van Nguyen, DO, FAAFP;
Jeremy Clay, MD

Lung Cancer: Diagnosis, Treatment Principles, and Screening - Jeffrey Kim, MD; Hobart Lee, MD; and Brian W. Huang, MD

The Impact of the Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine on Brain Health - Ecler Jaqua, Edna Biddy, Clare Moore, and Genise Browne

Using nominal group technique among resident physicians to identify key attributes of a burnout prevention program - Vicki Nelson, Alex Dubov, Kelly Morton, Liana Fraenkel 

Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Rates at an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center Family Medicine Residency!Clinic - Ecler Jaqua, MD, FAAFP; Van Nguyen, DO, FAAFP; Kelly Morton, PhD; Elysia Chin, DO; Andrew Brougher, MD; Jhanelle Dawes, MD

Using Point of Care Ultrasound on Home Visits - Christopher V. Flores MD, Lauren M. Simon MD

Tips for Balancing Parenthood and Medicine - Van Nguyen, DO, Dabom, Faafp, Ecler Ercole Jaqua, MD, Dablm, Dabom, Faafp, Lauren Simon, MD, MPH, Faafp, Famssm, Facsm, and Jade Norris, MD

Why We Must Prioritize Equitable Access to Physical Activity for Children with Disabilities - Marquell Johnson, Ph.D.; Vincenzo Nocera, Ph.D.; Navin Kaushal, Ph.D.; Lauren Simon, M.D., FACSM; Rebecca Hasson, Ph.D., FACSM, and the ACSM Strategic Health Initiative on Health Equity

B Vitamins: Functions and Uses in Medicine - Mary Hanna MD, Ecler Jaqua MD, Van Nguyen DO, Jeremy Clay MD

Fever of Unknown Origin: A Hot Diagnosis in the Outpatient Setting - Stephen Graber, Nubia Leilane Schierling, Ecler Jaqua, Van Nguyen

A Potentially Fatal Inflammation of the Heart: A Case Report - Van-Dai Ly, Mary Safaeipour, Jade Deschamps, Mai-Linh Tran, Ecler Ercole Jaqua

Coping With Impostor Syndrome - Ecler Ercike Jaqua MD, Van Nguyen DO, Soo Park DO, and Mary Hanna MD

Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Rates at an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center Family Medicine Residency Clinic - Ecler Jaqua MD, Van Nguyen DO, Kelly Morton PhD, Elysia Chin DO, Andrew Brougher MD, Jhanelle Dawes MD

Tips for Balancing Parenthoood and Medicine - Van Nguyen DO, Ecler Ercole Jaqua MD, Lauren Simon MD, Jade Norris MD

A Different Kind of Parkinson: Case Report - Chu E, Deschamps J, Safaeipour M, Bhat P, and Jaqua EE*

Identifying Strategies to Increase Cervical Cancer Screening Rates in a Federally Qualified Health Center - Elysia Chin, Andrew Brougher, Ecler E. Jaqua, Van Nguyen, Mary Hanna, Jhanelle Dawes, Kelly Morton

Optimize your documentation to improve Medicare reimbursement - Ecler Ercole Jaqua, MD, Robert Chi, MD, Wessam Labib, MD, MPH, Marcos Uribe, MD, Juan Najarro, MD and Mary Hanna, MD

CME and Learning Resources - Ron Stout, MD, MPH and Renda Rea, MD, MPH

Classical Conditioning: Aversion Therapy - Ecler Jaqua

Hero Of The Week - Daniel Diaz, MD

Insect Allergy - Hobart Lee MD, Sara Halverson MD and Regina Mackey MD

Mosquito-Borne Diseases - Hobart Lee MD, Sara Halverson MD and Ngozi Ezinwa MD, MPH

Skeeter syndrome is a rare condition that makes you allergic to mosquito bites — here's how to tell if you have it - Hobart Lee, MD

The urgency of now: Achieving equity in school physical activity policies and practices during the COVID-19 pandemic - Sharon E. Taverno Ross, Ph.D.; Rebecca Hasson, Ph.D., FACSM; Marquell Johnson, Ph.D.; Vincenzo Nocera, Ph.D.; Jim Sallis, Ph.D., FACSM; Lauren Simon, M.D., FACSM; Lauren Wheeler, MS

Using Point‐of‐Care Ultrasound on Home Visits - Christopher V. Flores MD and Lauren M. Simon MD

Youth Concussion Laws across the Nation: Implications for the Traveling Team Physician - Lauren M. Simon, MD, MPH, FACSM and Cory N. Mitchell, MD