Additional Resident and Faculty Articles

B Vitamins: Functions and Uses in Medicine - Mary Hanna MD, Ecler Jaqua MD, Van Nguyen DO, Jeremy Clay MD

Fever of Unknown Origin: A Hot Diagnosis in the Outpatient Setting - Stephen Graber, Nubia Leilane Schierling, Ecler Jaqua, Van Nguyen

A Potentially Fatal Inflammation of the Heart: A Case Report - Van-Dai Ly, Mary Safaeipour, Jade Deschamps, Mai-Linh Tran, Ecler Ercole Jaqua

Coping With Impostor Syndrome - Ecler Ercike Jaqua MD, Van Nguyen DO, Soo Park DO, and Mary Hanna MD

Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Rates at an Urban Federally Qualified Health Center Family Medicine Residency Clinic - Ecler Jaqua MD, Van Nguyen DO, Kelly Morton PhD, Elysia Chin DO, Andrew Brougher MD, Jhanelle Dawes MD

Tips for Balancing Parenthoood and Medicine - Van Nguyen DO, Ecler Ercole Jaqua MD, Lauren Simon MD, Jade Norris MD

A Different Kind of Parkinson: Case Report - Chu E, Deschamps J, Safaeipour M, Bhat P, and Jaqua EE*

Identifying Strategies to Increase Cervical Cancer Screening Rates in a Federally Qualified Health Center - Elysia Chin, Andrew Brougher, Ecler E. Jaqua, Van Nguyen, Mary Hanna, Jhanelle Dawes, Kelly Morton

Optimize your documentation to improve Medicare reimbursement - Ecler Ercole Jaqua, MD, Robert Chi, MD, Wessam Labib, MD, MPH, Marcos Uribe, MD, Juan Najarro, MD and Mary Hanna, MD

CME and Learning Resources - Ron Stout, MD, MPH and Renda Rea, MD, MPH

Classical Conditioning: Aversion Therapy - Ecler Jaqua

Hero Of The Week - Daniel Diaz, MD

Insect Allergy - Hobart Lee MD, Sara Halverson MD and Regina Mackey MD

Mosquito-Borne Diseases - Hobart Lee MD, Sara Halverson MD and Ngozi Ezinwa MD, MPH

Skeeter syndrome is a rare condition that makes you allergic to mosquito bites — here's how to tell if you have it - Hobart Lee, MD

The urgency of now: Achieving equity in school physical activity policies and practices during the COVID-19 pandemic - Sharon E. Taverno Ross, Ph.D.; Rebecca Hasson, Ph.D., FACSM; Marquell Johnson, Ph.D.; Vincenzo Nocera, Ph.D.; Jim Sallis, Ph.D., FACSM; Lauren Simon, M.D., FACSM; Lauren Wheeler, MS

Using Point‐of‐Care Ultrasound on Home Visits - Christopher V. Flores MD and Lauren M. Simon MD

Youth Concussion Laws across the Nation: Implications for the Traveling Team Physician - Lauren M. Simon, MD, MPH, FACSM and Cory N. Mitchell, MD