A Rehired Resident/Fellow who has left Loma Linda University Health 6 months or more is considered an Incoming Resident/Fellow. Please complete all Incoming Residents/Fellows requirements and attend orientation.

Welcome, Incoming Resident/Fellow!

The department of Graduate Medical Education is delighted to welcome you and your families to Loma Linda University Health. We are here to assist you with settling into your internship/residency.

Location & Hours

We are located in the Loma Linda Health Center 'Cape Cod' office complex, 11332 Mountain View Ave. Westerly Bldg Suite C. Please feel free to stop by. Our hours are Monday - Thursdays from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm and Fridays from 7:30 am - 12:00 pm.


You are required to attend GME Orientation. If you are leaving a residency training program and cannot attend orientation, you will not be allowed to start training without completion of the orientation process.

Best wishes on the start of your training at Loma Linda University Health.

Orientation Dates

GME Intern Orientation

GME Intern Orientation: PGY-1

GME Orientation will be held on June 27 -28, 2022.
GME Resident Orientation: PGY-2 and Above

GME Resident Orientation: PGY-2 and Above

GME Orientation will be held on July 1, 2022.

The Process

Before Orientation

  • Complete all requirements on the 2022-2023 Onboarding Checklist listed in MedHub
  • Drug screening test is required
  • Proof of COVID Vaccination is required (medical or religious exemption is available)
  • Register for an optional classroom-style Epic training review class
  • Sign trainee contract
  • Interns must complete all requirements by June 27, 2022
  • PGY-2 and above must complete all requirements by July 1, 2022

Fluoroscopy Training Course

Fluoroscopy Training Course

For Incoming Residents and Fellows, your program coordinator will sign you up if you need to complete this.

Course dates to be determined.

Optional Classroom-Style Epic Training

The GME Office will offer an optional classroom-style computer training review class for our incoming residents & fellows who would like an in-person training to supplement the self-study computer training course.  

Optional Epic Training: Register on the Google Doc link listed on your 2022-2023 Onboarding Checklist. 

Required Training

Please complete before your orientation at least 48 hours in advance

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Deadline to Complete Required Training

Required Online Training Due

For incoming interns

  • Please complete by 6/27/2022.
  • Failure to comply may result in a delayed start date.

Deadline to Complete Required Training

Required Online Training Due

For incoming PGY-2 and above

  • Please complete by 7/1/2022
  • Failure to comply may result in a delayed start date.

​Consequences of Incomplete Required Training

Incomplete required training results in the following delays:

  • Orientation date
  • Program training date
  • Patient care

List of Required Training Modules


Length: ~7.5 hours

Your user name and password will be emailed to you.

Most modules are self-paced and include pre/post assessments, therefore time commitment will vary by individual. Your modules will be assigned to your "My Courses" page in OWL Portal.

If you are having a technical difficulty or program with your OWL Portal training modules, please email gmeo@llu.edu.



Length: ~2.5 hours depending on specialty

Epic is the clinical information system used throughout Loma Linda University Health. Epic training is required for all incoming (new) residents/fellows entering a specialty program. You will receive a notification via email once your specific Epic training has been assigned (approx. June 1).

Your Epic training will be assigned to your "My Courses" page in OWL Portal. If you have any questions, please contact gmeo@llu.edu.  


Length: ~15 min

MedHub is a web-based Residency Management System designed to track and document a variety of critical program and resident activities relating to institutional reimbursement and program accreditation.

Clinical Experience and Education (formerly Duty Hours)

Work Hours

Residents are required to adhere to duty hour requirements as outlined in Policy GMEC-12 and in accordance with ACGME guidelines regardless of where they are rotating and to log duty-hours using Med Hub.   

Learn More

Register on the ResQ App

ResQ Medical is an automated solution to accurately record resident work hours without the need to manually enter data. Beginning July 1st, residents and fellows must use ResQ (the duty hour monitoring app on their personal cellphones) in order to be eligible for moonlighting or qualify for the resident cellphone bonus.  

On July 1st, new ResQ Users will need to download the app from the App Store and click the “register” link and submit the form. View the Onboarding Guide on how to register. Please do not attempt to register before July 1st, your ResQ profile will become active on July 1st.

Onboarding Guide  ResQ Guide  ResQ Resources  

Monitor Work Hours on MedHub

Recorded hours in the ResQ App can automatically transfer to MedHub and can be setup in minutes.

MedHub Integration Guide

Paycheck Information


First Payday: July 15, 2022 for 80 hours.

PGY-2's and Above

First Payday: July 15, 2022 for 48 hours (Note: the first paycheck will be for 48 hours of pay because the first pay period includes dates July 1 - July 8, only six days).

Second Payday: July 29, 2022 will be for a full 80 hours (ten days) of pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the GME Orientation take?

PGY-1 Orientation is two full day on June 27 & June 28.

PGY-2 and above Orientation is one full day on July 1.

When do I need to arrive in Loma Linda?

We recommend that new residents arrive in Loma Linda no later than one to two weeks PRIOR to orientation to complete the pre-employment physical and sign-up appointment with Human Resources.

How do I get my Loma Linda email address and when will it be active?

Your user name and password will be emailed to you shortly. Once it is emailed, if you don't see the email with your LLU username and password, please email gmeo@llu.edu.

How do I know when/if my contract packet is complete?

The GME Office will contact you via email if we haven't received your contract packet by the deadline.

Do I need to do Epic Online Training if I'm scheduled for Epic training through my department?


When can I sign up for an appointment for my pre-employment physical?

You can schedule your pre-employment physical by calling the Occupational Health Clinic at 909-433-0842 after April 1st.

What is the deadline to complete the pre-employment physical?

Interns: You must complete the pre-employment physical by June 17th. Please make your appointment asap after April 1st.

PGY-2 and above: You must complete the pre-employment physical by June 24th. Please make your appointment asap after April 1st.

When can I make the sign-up appointment with Human Resources?

A SignUpGenius link will be included in your "Onboarding Appointment Confirmation" letter from Human Resources to schedule your sign-up appointment.

Make sure the date of your appointment with Human Resources is AFTER you receive clearance from your pre-employment physical.

What is the deadline to complete the Human Resources sign-up appointment?

Interns: You must complete the sign-up appointment by June 17th. 

PGY-2 and above: You must complete the sign-up appointment by June 24th. 

When do I need to have my BLS and/or ACLS card?

The BLS and/or ACLS must be obtained PRIOR to orientation. Check with your program coordinator which certification is required.

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Interns attending orientation on June 27 will receive their first paycheck on July 15, 2022 for 80 hours.

PGY-2 and above attending orientation on July 1st will receive their first paycheck on July 15, 2022 for 48 hours for July 1-July 8 (six days). The second paycheck will be July 29, 2022 for a full 80 hours (ten days).

Why does my paycheck not match my contract?

You are paid 26 times per year rather than once a month (annual salary divided by 26 not 24).

My department has informed me that I will need to submit my duty hours into MedHub, when will I receive my login information?

You will receive an email from MedHub support that contains a link to the site, your username and a temporary password after you've completed orientation.

MedHub Quick Start Guide

When should I register for USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3?

Interns: You should not register and pay for USMLE Step 3 or COMLEX Level 3 until your contract start date to be eligible for reimbursement out of the annual $1000 GME Educational Fund. This year the start date for interns is June 30th.

When can I submit my reimbursement for my CA Training License, Medical License, or my DEA certificate?

You will need to pay for the expense after your contract start date for the expense to be eligible and request reimbursement online on Concur

Does Loma Linda provide reimbursement for moving?

Sorry, we do not allow a moving allowance.

How do I register for parking on campus?

You may register your vehicles using the Online Parking System to perform the following actions:

  • Create My Account
  • Update My Account Information
  • Update My Vehicle Information
  • Apply/Renew a Permit
  • Pay or Appeal a Violation

Please make sure you register your vehicle by orientation to avoid a citation.